One Life to Live Recap: White Wedding


Pete: A woman without secrets would bore you to death.

John’s friend, Pete, pays him a surprise visit, and he’s concerned that John doesn’t sound happy. Pete reminds John that John’s parents were “fire and ice,” not unlike Natalie and John. John has doubts, believing that Natalie’s lying to him, but Pete points out that John is no paragon of virtue and he’s just looking for unhappiness. Pete sarcastically encourages John to investigate Natalie, but indicates that Nat keeps things interesting. Before leaving, Pete encourages John to “decide” to be happy, as John’s father once did with John’s mother.

In Llanfair’s foyer, Rex hates lying to Charlie because lying doesn’t work. Brody comes downstairs and admits to screwing up the schedule, and Gigi races upstairs. Rex notices that Brody is “shaky” and offers him a ride.

Viki wonders where Charlie’s loyalties lie, as Charlie accuses her of working with Dorian to rob Charlie of his son. She doesn’t want Charlie to lose Rex, but Echo has caused nothing but trouble. They love each other, but they are at an impasse.

Jessica gifts Natalie with a necklace. Gigi arrives and barks at them to get ready, offering to do Natalie’s hair. Alone, Nat confides in Gigi that Marty is remembering. Natalie fears Marty is a loose cannon, so Gigi calls St. Ann’s to verify Marty’s location; she’s there. Gigi encourages Natalie to be happy.

In the library, Jessica thanks Viki for convincing Jess to test Ryder’s paternity because now, Jessica has her first happy wedding day with “no loose ends.” Jessica’s perfect day solidifies when Bree enters looking like a princess.

Jessica returns to the bedroom with Viki and Bree. Bree is concerned by Viki’s crying, but they are happy tears. Gigi takes a picture of the happy Lord women. Jessica tells Bree that Brody plans to adopt her, and Bree is thrilled she will be able to call Brody “daddy.”

In the foyer, Charlie is moved when Gigi insists that, if given the option, she would “handpick” Charlie to be Rex’s father and Shane’s grandfather. They leave for the church together.

Cutter has a plan that Aubrey thinks could work, but she’s sure they have blackmail as a fallback. First, they must get to the wedding.

Joey arrives at the church and shares an awkward hello with Kelly. They begin to discuss their night trapped together, but a frantic Nora interrupts them.

After being punched in the gut, Clint decks Bo in the mouth, and their fight escalates as Nora screams for them to stop. Nora races into the lobby to grab Joey, begging him to help end the fight. Bo claims he and Clint had a disagreement that got out-of-hand, while Clint lies that he’s edgy. Joey forces the brothers to shake hands. When Nora goes to get Bo ice, Bo tells Clint that he’s exceptionally close to outing Clint as an “empty, bitter shell of a man.”  Kelly wonders what’s going on with Bo and Clint, and Joey believes the feud began before today. 

Joey wants to talk about him and Kelly, but Kelly insists that she must let go of Joey. Aubrey and Cutter arrive. Clint pulls Joey aside, promising that he loves Joey and doesn’t want to cause him pain, but he believes Joey deserves better.

In the church lobby, Brody wonders why Rex is so great to him. Rex knows Brody is not the reason for lost time with Shane. Brody admits that he would do anything to keep his son, and asks if that’s normal. Rex says it’s fatherhood.

Nora returns with an icepack, but Bo doesn’t want to hold it during the ceremony, so Nora shoves it in a nearby plant. Nora impresses upon Bo that Clint lied because he felt cornered, but that Asa greatly loved and respected Bo. Brody asks Bo and Nora if they’ve seen John. Has he gone AWOL? Rex asks Bo why he’s bleeding, and Bo says that he got into a fistfight with Clint. Rex is disappointed he wasn’t around, because he would’ve helped Bo. Bo and Nora laugh.

In the shadows of the church, Rama encourages Vimal to “tell the world” about Clint. She insists that everyone will be grateful, but Vimal doesn’t think Rex or Brody will be. Vimal reminds Rama that he will incriminate himself, and he’s not even sure if he committed the right crime. Clint spots Vimal and Rama and orders them gone. He will throw them out if necessary, but Viki pulls Clint away to escort the brides.

John finally arrives at the church and tells Brody about Marty’s visit. He asks if Brody knows what Marty wanted to say; Brody feigns ignorance. The ceremony begins with Joey escorting Viki down the aisle, followed by Bree as the flower girl, and finally Clint and his daughters. Everyone beams as the minister asks if anyone has just cause as to why either couple should not be married.

Blair opens the door to Tomas and wonders what he’s doing in Llanview. He brought her a bottle of wine, having traded a painting for it because Blair seemed to like the wine. Blair stares at Tomas, finding his presence in her home to be strange. He jokes that he had airline miles to use and also has an appointment at a gallery in Philadelphia. Blair teases that he was “in the neighborhood,” but she believes he’s lying. He confirms her suspicion.