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One Life To Live Shocker: Jack Is Shane's Cyber-Bully!


In a surprising twist, One Life to Live's cyber-bully of Shane Morasco (Austin Williams) has been revealed to be none other than Jack Manning (Andrew Trischitta). TV Guide'sMichael Logan got the 411 from head writer Ron Carlivati on what happens when Todd (Trevor St. John) and Blair (Kassie DePavia) learn what Jack's been up to. 

TV Guide Magazine: How do Blair and Todd react when they find out their son's a little shit?

Carlivati: It's going to be a surprise for them. Though we've cast a new Jack for this story [14-year-old Carmen LoPorto has been replaced by 16-year-old Trischitta] we've seen the seeds of this problem because Jack has already been a bit of a Dennis the Menace-type character — a prankster and troublemaker but in a humorous way. I think his becoming a bully is a very realistic evolution as he goes into high school. Here he is a popular, good-looking and wealthy kid, and there's little Shane, whose parents are working hard to put food on the table. Shane doesn't have the hippest, coolest sneakers, or the best clothes, and that becomes yet another reason to terrorize him. Don't forget that Jack's male role model is Todd, who has his own long history of bullying. And there's also denial there. Blair will not want to believe her sweet little boy can do such horrible things.

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