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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny’s on the phone yelling at Max to get him a list of people who had access to Jason’s penthouse and how someone was able to get to the dress, and can just as easily get to Brenda herself. Brenda feels it isn’t Max’s fault, but Carly’s. Brenda feels Carly is spiteful and doesn’t like her. She can't stand how everyone lets her throw tantrums. Sonny says it wasn’t Carly and that maybe the Balkan was making a move, showing that he can get at Brenda.


Brenda thinks that Carly feels she has the right to run Sonny’s life, but that it’s her job now. Sonny’s more concerned about the threat from the Balkan. She wonders if he wants to cancel the wedding, but he says he wants to elope and do their vows on a beach. Brenda agrees to it, until she remembers the girls are looking forward to the wedding and she doesn’t want to exclude them. She tells Sonny to get a bunch of guards and go ahead with the wedding as planned.

Sam assures Jason that she no way, no how has a bun in the oven, and that she only bought the test to shut Maxie up. Sam feels her life isn’t set up for a baby and she’s fine with that. Jason asks for her help in finding out who ripped up Brenda’s dress. After talking to the guards and finding out that Carly was in the penthouse alone, Sam’s only choice is to point the finger at Carly. Jason says he’ll ask her, but he thinks that Carly is only focused on Michael right now.

Patrick meets with Johnny at Jake’s, and asks how long he’s planning on protecting Lisa. Johnny again denies anything about the syringe and Patrick reminds him that Lisa is crazy and he wants her to stop terrorizing his family. Patrick feels Johnny is the key to his family’s safety. Patrick promises that if Johnny tells the truth, he’ll be his doctor no questions asked. Johnny’s not interested.

Michael’s angry when Carly tells him that she made an appointment with a therapist for him. He tells her he can find his own therapist, but she felt she needed to do something, since she still blames herself for not seeing that something was wrong. Michael assures her that she’s a great mom. Dante and Lulu arrive and Lulu tells them that Dante is planning on quitting the force. Carly reminds Dante that the judge released Micheal to him specifically, because he’s a police officer. She tells him not to quit until Michael is safe.

When Carly and Michael leave, Lulu wonders what all the drama was about, since Michael has appeared fine.  After a moment, she realizes that Michael was raped in prison. Dante explains the Franco/Carter fiasco and that deep down he knew something had happened. He tried talking to Michael and a small part of him was relieved when Michael didn’t want to talk. Dante blames himself and Lulu wishes she could go back and do things differently. Lulu tells him to make amends by being a good cop and not quitting.

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Lisa gets to the hospital and tells Terrell to meet her at the Metro Court. Lisa goes to the hotel and pays the desk clerk to tell her which room Terrell is in. She also pays him to tell Robin that Patrick has switched rooms. Olivia wonders what Lisa is up to. At the hospital, Pif tells Robin she has one more case, from Patrick, and to meet him at the hotel. At the hotel, Robin asks for Patrick’s room but is told Terrell's. Terrell is waiting half naked for Lisa and is surprised when Robin shows up. Meanwhile, Patrick’s on his way to the room.

Liz is tired of working double shifts, so Steven offers to take her out for beers at Jake’s, where they run into Brook and Nikolas. Brook snarks out Liz about single parenting, and Steve drags Liz away. Liz is sad that Nik is wasting his time with Brook. Olivia shows up and she and Steve make flirty small talk, so Liz parks herself at Brik’s table, talking about the kids. Brook gets up and starts singing Fever, while flirting with Nikolas and then Steven. Liz is not happy.

Carly drops Michael off at the hospital for his appointment with the therapist. After his appointment, Michael ends up in the alley where Abby was attacked and remembers telling Jason about the rape. Michael gets angry and destroys some stuff.

Someone sets off the sprinkler system at the Archer Pavilion. The wedding planner shows up at BrenSon’s in a panic. Brenda assures her that the dress can be replaced, but Carol tells her that the Pavilion has been flooded.

Jason meets up with Carly at the hotel and asks if she ripped the dress. She’s not happy that he’s accusing her after Jax did. Jason wants an answer, so she tells him that she would have, but didn’t. Ronnie shows up to arrest Carly for malicious mischief, but she insists she didn’t damage the dress. He tells her it’s for the flooding of the Pavilion.

Michael comes home and Dante lets him know that Lulu knows the truth. Michael says he trusts her since she was his first friend after he woke up from the coma and mentions the therapist. Dante mentions having seen a therapist after a shooting. Michael wants to know where Franco is because he needs to make him pay.