Jack Wagner on Snagging Hot In Cleveland: "Casting Directors Were Old Melrose Place Fans"

Jack Wagner is once again delving back into the primetime waters, but this time with a comedic twist. The Bold and the Beautiful and Melrose Place actor will make a guest apperance on TV Land's red-hot comedy Hot In Cleveland tonight at 10 PM EST. We caught up with Wagner, who gave  us the scoop on his character Dr. Jake.

Daytime Confidential: How did the role on Hot in Cleveland come about?

Jack Wagner: I literally just went in and met with the casting directors who were old Melrose Place fans, and they asked me to read the scenes and then I was working 4 days later.

Jack Wagner

DC: Will this be a recurring role or just one episode?

JW: Just one episode.

DC:  Dr. Jake isn't the first sexy medic you've played on TV. Will he be anything like Dr. Peter Burns from Melrose Place?

JW: No nothing like Dr. Burns. This guy seems to be honest and honorable.

DC: What was it like working with Valerie Bertinelli?

JW: She is funn, great, professional. I know her because our kids went to school together. 

DC: Did you get to mix it up with your old Bold and Beautiful co-star Betty White?

JW:  Betty and I weren't in any scenes togther, but it was awesome to see her. We had the opportunity to sit down and talk and catch up with each other. Being around someone like that you can really learn something.

Photo courtesy of TV Land