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One Life to Live Recap: Wedding Bell Blues

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Clint: He knows exactly what he is: he is something that never should’ve happened. Roxy pawned him off, and his real mother couldn’t wait to get rid of him. Why? Because he is a mistake, a worthless bastard!

The wedding procession occurs, but the ceremony is interrupted by Rama. Brody recognizes Vimal from B.E., but Clint insists they were not invited. He orders them out, but Rama taunts Clint about using his thugs to exact their dismissal. Vimal reveals that Clint fired him after coercing Vimal into breaking into the hospital’s genetics lab. Gigi worries, but Rex steps up and offers to remove them; for once, Clint is in agreement with Rex. Before Rex can act, Vimal reveals that Rex is Clint’s son.

Everyone is in disbelief, especially Jessica, and Bree is upset, so Aubrey offers to occupy her. Rex is visibly stricken, but when Charlie declares that a second test confirmed the original results, Rex apologizes stating that he lied because he wanted Charlie to be his father. Rex is a part of the family and Clint denied him, and Viki blasts Clint for cruelly trying to “erase” Rex. Natalie is angry on her brother’s behalf. Charlie attacks Clint, but all of the men pull the two apart.

Joey accuses Clint of being proud of his own actions, but Clint stands by his protection of the family against all gold diggers. Clint rips apart Rex, and Bo jumps to Rex’s defense. In turn, Clint tells Bo that if he wants Rex, he can have him. Bo asks Clint if he’s admitting guilt, but Clint admits nothing, and Charlie calls him a coward. Charlie apologizes to Rex for not being his father and he’s sorry that the day has been ruined; he runs out. Viki tries to follow, but Gigi says that she and Rex will go after Charlie. Viki is in tears and, staring at Clint, wonders, “Who are you?”

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Bo begins to chime in with Clint’s other misdeeds, but Nora stops him, not wanting to add fuel to the fire. Bo tells everyone that Clint has lost his respect and Clint knows why. Even Asa didn’t deny family the way Clint has. Clint is just thankful that he’s not a “sanctimonious ass” like Bo. Jaws drop. Bo must arrest Clint, but Jessica begs him not to, insisting the damage is already done and she wants her father present for her wedding. Viki doesn’t think that’s an option.

Viki asks Vimal and Rama to leave quietly, but Vimal sincerely apologizes, saying that he has further information. At Clint’s behest, Vimal changed one other test. Shocked, everyone listens intently.

In the vestibule, Rex tells Gigi that he would trade all of the Buchanan's, save for Natalie, to have Charlie as his father. He fears that he is like Clint, but Gigi thinks Rex is like his “Uncle Bo.” Rex likes that idea. At Rodi’s, a forlorn Charlie sits at the bar and orders a double vodka.

At Statesville, Starr regales Langston with her childhood fantasy wedding day, complete with snakes wrapped around her arms, but Starr now believes there are no happy endings. Langston reminds Starr that Cole’s reality is prison because he “made a choice,” but they will always be connected because of Hope. Langston isn’t pushing Starr to break up with Cole, because she wants Langston and Starr to double date with the Fords. She just thinks Starr should respect Cole enough by being honest. Langston believes Starr has a real chance with James.

Starr is terrified of breaking Cole’s heart, but when she returns from her visit, she reveals that Cole knew her intentions, and he ended up comforting her. Starr loves Cole and Langston encourages her to be Cole’s friend, but Starr is now a free woman. Langston tells Starr that it's time to see James.

James and Michelle make out on his couch until James gets nervous and gets up to get a drink of water. Michelle wonders if they’re moving too fast. She asks about his bullet necklace, and he tells her that he wears it as a reminder of what’s important. She thinks the reminder is unnecessary and she removes the chain from his neck. They move into the bedroom, where things heat up. Starr approaches the apartment door and debates about whether or not to knock.

Tomas wanted to see Blair because he was “inspired by [her] journey.” He asks if she thought of him, but Blair claims to have been busy. Tomas thinks Blair is a better liar than him, but he still doesn’t believe her. He asks if she knows how her wedding picture ended up in a Paris flea market, but she still doesn’t. She’s unnerved, albeit charmed, by Tomas, and she’s resolved to be more cautious in her life. She says good-bye. Tomas asks for a hotel recommendation, and Blair suggests Angel Square as it caters to “artistic types” a.k.a. poor people. Blair is intrigued when Tomas examines her palm; he sees a journey in her future.