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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Michael blames Franco for what happened to him and wants to get revenge. Dante tells him not to let Franco win. Dante feels if Michael pursues it, he’ll turn out to be as bad as the guy he’s trying to destroy. Dante feels getting revenge almost killed him and reminds Michael of the day Sonny shot him. Michael states that he didn’t press charges, but Dante says he wanted to take Sonny down as a cop, not a victim. He claims he wanted to be right and Sonny to be wrong.


Michael wonders if Dante would kill Franco, but Dante says no. He believes in the justice system. Michael wonders why he would turn in his badge, since he’s good at his job and Lulu wants him to stay a cop.

Sonny guesses that someone set off the sprinklers. Brenda wants Carol to clean up the mess, but is told that it would take too long, so Brenda tells her to find them a new venue.

Ronnie questions Carly, who denies having set off the sprinklers and wonders why she’s being blamed. Ronnie lets her know they found her business card, and Carly questions why she would leave something behind if she’d done it. Carly blames Brenda, saying she’s looking for attention. Jason questions Carly again, and she says she was taking Michael to his appointment.

Jason calls Sonny and asks where Brenda was. Sonny tells him Carly needs to be reigned in. Jason lets him know that Carly’s at the PCPD. Sonny tells Brenda he’s going down there to deal with Carly. She tells him to ignore Carly, but he wants to shut her down.

Robin agrees to have dinner with Terrell and Patrick sees her go into the hotel room. While they’re eating, talk turns to Patrick. Robin says it took his cheating for her to realize the flaw in her marriage was that Patrick is a player and she’s not sure she can trust him anymore.

Patrick heads over to Jake’s to talk to Steven about Terrell. Olivia tells him to try to win Robin back. Liz compliments Brook for her singing. Brook discusses her career and Liz feels Nikolas won’t need her services now that the holiday parties are done. Liz mentions Steve being busy and her need to get home. She’s happy when Nik offers to help her, but isn’t as happy when he tells her he’ll call her a cab. Brook’s happy that he realized Liz was manipulating him.

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Patrick wants to confront Terrell and Robin, but Matt tries to talk him out of it. At the hotel, Matt says he’ll go up and get Robin out, but Terrell and Robin leave the hotel together.

Lulu runs into Luke at the Metro Court and is happy to see that he is back. She tells him she knows about the jewelry heist and he tells her that Tracy was arrested. Lulu asks for his advice about Dante.  She explains what happened with Dante and says she’s not sure she wants it to be over. Luke tells her to accept each other for who they are.

Jason and Sam discuss the flooding and Carly’s card being found at the scene of crime. Sam feels that it’s too obvious. Jason feels Brenda wouldn’t sabotage her own wedding. So, the obvious question is, who did it?

Sonny gets to the PCPD and tells Carly that she’s pushing him too far. Carly tells him she was taking Michael to therapy. She quickly reminds him that if she had stepped in the last time he married a whack job, Michael wouldn’t have been sent to prison.

Lulu stops by Dante’s, finds Michael and apologizes to him. He doesn’t want to talk about the rape, but tells her Dante has been blaming himself and is a good man. Dante gets home and after some flirting and small talk, offers to cook her dinner, and she accepts.

Sam calls Spinelli to check emails from all of Brenda’s guards. Suzanne shows up and Sam tells her what’s happened. When Brenda gets home, she wonders why they’re looking for any other suspect than Carly. Brenda assures Suzanne that nothing will stop her from marrying Sonny. Suzanne says she should get back to her senses and not marry him.

Jason goes to Sonny and assures him it wasn’t Carly. Sonny wonders who it was.

Carly’s not happy to see Luke stuffing his face in the hotel restaurant, since she can’t afford him to stay again. She asks him to defend her to Sonny and explains what happened. Luke reminds her that she’s capable of doing something like that; since she’s angry Sonny is marrying Brenda. Carly assures him she has her own ammo. Luke wonders why she cares and Carly says once the marriage falls apart, her kids will be destroyed. Luke sees through that and tells her not to play the mommy card. Luke tells Carly that if she’s done with Sonny, to let him go, and if not, to stop dancing and go grab him.