One Life to Live Recap: The Father Who Must Be Killed


Jessica: Brody, it might be someone else’s blood, but he has your heart and soul.

Vimal says Clint ordered another test changed, and Clint growls that Vimal has made a big mistake. Jessica fears it was her test because she's the only one who had a paternity test. Natalie stands frozen. Vimal reveals that both of Clint’s daughters had tests, and flustered, Vimal flipped a coin. He changed... dramatic pause... Jessica’s test. Ford is the father of Jessica’s baby and Vimal has the original results as proof. Brody is crushed.

Clint’s actions appall Nora; they’re “criminal,” offers Bo. Clint whispers to Jessica that she means everything to him, and he only interfered to spare her. Clint would rather cut off his arm than see Jessica hurt. Jessica runs off to find Brody, as John escorts Natalie to a private room, sensing a confession is in order.

Nora feels terribly for the entire family, but she and Bo are disgusted when Clint is more concerned with the press and controlling information. Bo wants to arrest Clint, but Nora doesn’t think there’s enough evidence. Bo can at least hold Clint on suspicion while he acquires the necessary information.

Viki lambastes Clint. Jessica and Brody were prepared for the worst, but because of Clint, they could lose everything. Clint acted selfishly, and he has “poisoned everyone and everything” around him. Clint is shaken, but when he tries to walk away, Joey stops him. Viki wasn’t finished, and Joey hasn’t even begun.

Vimal sincerely and profusely apologizes to Viki. He and Rama try to leave, but Bo stops them. They’re going home, but when Bo suggests they try again, Vimal says they’re going with Bo. Bo reads Clint his rights, but Clint scoffs. The arrest is “a farce” because Clint admitted to nothing. Bo and Nora lead Clint, Rama, and Vimal on a perp walk, but as he passes Kelly, Clint slips her the flash drive and tells her to use it if she cares about Joey. Watching the scene, Aubrey and Cutter smile, believing they’re out of the woods.

Privately, Jessica pleads with Brody. She believes Ryder is “[their] child no matter what,” and she’s certain Ryder and Brody already love each other. Brody can’t pretend, and though he’s desperate to be the good guy Jessica’s believes he is, he thinks that everything is his fault. Jessica apologizes for sleeping with (um, getting violated by) Ford, but Brody doesn’t blame her. Brody denounces himself, and admits to lying to Jessica. He admits to sleeping with Natalie.

Natalie continues to lie to John, insisting she was in the lab’s computer because she had an amnio. John reveals that Marty came to see him with information about Natalie and Brody. Natalie tries to claim that Marty was playing John; she’s “delusional, not stupid.” John screams at Natalie to stop lying to him. Before Vimal revealed he changed Jessica’s test, John “saw hope” in Natalie’s eyes. Finally, Natalie buckles under the pressure; she slept with Brody.

Starr knocks on James’ apartment door. James hears it, but Michelle doesn’t, so they continue kissing. Starr decides to leave a note in lieu of a voicemail. She thinks better of it, but hides when James and Michelle exit the apartment. James is shirtless and buttoning Michelle’s top. After Michelle leaves, James spots Starr and she lies that she was there to see Ford about his and Langston’s date. James thinks Starr seems different, but she insists she’s exactly the same.

Langston is babysitting Hope when Ford arrives at La Boulaie, showing off his new job: a dancing, rapping hot dog. Ford is humiliated, but “humiliation pays.” Langston wonders how long Ford has to be punished for his night with (taking advantage of a mentally-ill) Jessica. They are both over their abstinence pact, and are counting down to their date. Both admit to pushing Starr and James, respectively, towards moving on.

Langston asks a skittish Ford to watch Hope, and she’s delighted upon returning to see Hope having fun. Ford used to make a swing out of Eddie’s belts for James. He admits to entertaining the idea of being a father to Jessica’s baby, but it no longer matters.

Starr returns home, and Langston asks about Starr and James. Starr said nothing to James because he and Michelle are sleeping together.

James calls Michelle, asking if she’s okay. She is, but she stopped before having sex with James because she “doesn’t need to get hurt.” James’ heart belongs to Starr.

At Foxy Roxy’s, Shaun is getting a manicure. He didn’t attend the wedding because he was too hungover. Destiny arrives, upset that Darren sent her flowers. Darren wants a reunion, but that might be difficult; Destiny kissed Matthew. The kiss made her feel better, but she and Matthew haven’t discussed it since. Destiny asks Shaun to tell her about her mother, and Shaun agrees to over hot dogs.