General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


What a strange, mish-mash episode.


Robin tells Patrick she had dinner with Terrell because she thought she was meeting him for a consult. They realize they were set up. Terrell lets Lisa know that he’s not really interested in breaking up a marriage, but she warns him not to fall. She tells him to have Robin meet him at Jake’s and have Patrick know about it.

Lulu’s planning a Valentine's surprise for Dante and needs Michael’s help in keeping him at the apartment. When Dante arrives, Lulu makes up a story about Spinelli being heartbroken and needing to talk to someone. Lulu leaves and Michael jumps into action. Dante wants to leave, but Michael begs him to stay and help with Spin.

Jason asks Sam to meet him for dinner. Molly shows up, with her usual romantic silliness but Jason assures her he has it covered. At the restaurant, Jason decorates as only a man can, when Maxie shows up and gives it the romantic touch.

Shawn meets with Theo, who’s actually impressed with Siobhan and Lucky’s fake out. Alexis arrives and tears a strip off of Theo for stealing her pro bono clients. Theo tells her that he’s been covering her incompetence. Alexis says she’s juggling her time and Theo tells he’s she’s lost focus now because she’s dealing with her children. Theo coldly tells her to either resign or hire a nanny and pay more attention to her work. Alexis tells him she’ll sue his pompous ass if he continues as he has been.

Siobhan and Lucky are in Ireland having the same exact conversation we’ve heard from them for months. She doesn’t want him to risk his life for her. He trusts and cares for her. Wash, rinse, repeat. They find where Meghan was held, but the place is empty. Things go downhill for Lucky and Siobhan when two goons catch them.

Spinelli’s fantasizing about Maxie when Lulu shows up to ask him to go and hang out with Michael and Dante, so that she can finish her Valentine’s Day plans.

Sam goes to the hospital and asks Liz which room her appointment is in. Liz checks the computer and is surprised to see that Sam is there for a pregnancy test. Liz tells her she hopes it turns out the way Sam wants. After the appointment, Sam asks Liz to call her to let her know the results.

Johnny and Ethan meet at Jake’s. Ethan discusses the jewel heist and Johnny asks about Maxie, saying she has a dark side that appeals to him. Talk turns to Lisa, and Johnny admits to liking her darkness and the fact that she doesn’t play it safe.

Terrell and Robin have beers at Jake’s and talk about various Valentine’s Day moments, as Patrick watches from the next table and Lisa sits at the bar. Lisa orders a beer and slips a drug into it.

Molly and Kristina plan a romantic dinner for Mac and Alexis. When Mac arrives, he realizes the girls are setting him up and tells them the matchmaking has to stop. The girls are disappointed, but when Alexis gets home, Mac plays it like he was in on the set up with the girls.

Spinelli is driving Dante and Michael crazy with his gibberish. There’s a knock on the door and both Spin and Michael take off. Lulu has an invitation to the opera for Dante.

Liz calls Jason, looking for Sam, and tells him she has the results of the test. When Sam gets to the restaurant, Jason tells her how much she means to him and tells her to call the hospital for the results.