General Hospital Spoilers: Lucky is Shot in The Head!


Here’s the Scoop!

Does Johnny think Lisa is the next Claudia in the making? Lord knows the two both share the same psycho-ness. What will the crazy doc do when both Patrick and Terrell are busy singing for Robin? Karma’s a bitch and it’s smacking Lisa in the face. Will Johnny be there for her? Can we get on board with this potential pairing?

Speaking of karma… what will Liz say when Lucky tells her he’s fallen in love with Siobhan? Remember, Brook sees Elizabeth slipping a lab tech some cash. Why? Is there more karma coming Elizabeth’s way? There are RUMORS that when Sam calls for her pregnancy test results, Elizabeth lies to her. If these RUMORS are true, are the writers doing to Liz what they did to Sam a few years ago? Remember, some of Sam’s spotty writing back then was due to Kelly Monaco’s contract status and with Rebecca Herbst being written out, can these writers only write crap for their female characters when they have one foot out the door?

Everyone is so sure it’s Carly sabotaging the wedding, but is it really Suzanne? Sonny’s plan to stop Carly? Have her kidnapped, so she can’t cause anymore problems. Too bad for Sonny, Carly knocks her would be captors out and gets away. The sabotage continues as Sonny’s ring is missing. When Sonny figures out who is ruining all things wedding, will he be able to stop the person with sabotage on the brain?

Will Jason consider Theo as the Balkan? Yep! What has him going off the track? He considers the possibility with Dante and Sam and the Jackal is on the case. Spinelli figures it out, but he may be too late. Molly finds out who the Balkan is and puts herself in danger. Will this give Alexis some screen time?

Shot in the head and who’s to blame? I’m going to blame Siobhan. I genuinely like the character and understand that Erin Chambers costs considerably less, but I will never get over her contract status being announced the same week as Rebecca Herbst’s firing. Lucky is shot in the head… is this a story ripped from the headlines? During a gunfight, Lucky catches a bullet in the melon. I must laugh, as the scoop on Lucky taking a bullet to the head has zero follow-ups.

Uncle Luke has more words of wisdom for Caroline. He believes Carly should take what she knows to Brenda before the wedding. Is his concern more for Lulu? It seems his daughter has repaired her broken heart and relationship with Dante. The pair even sealed it with a roll in the hay. Will Carly destroy it all with one quick reveal?

Brenda has wedding day nightmares. Robin tries to calm her friend, but Brenda is too overwhelmed with the feeling that this trip down the aisle just won’t happen. Jason bails on giving her away and Robin talks Edward into filling in.

The Balkan’s trap is set. Will Brenda walk right into it? Jason and Sam are too late to catch the Balkan.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Kristina invites Ethan to the wedding with her. He must not accept as he attends with Tracy, Lulu and Luke. Patrick makes it to the wedding; Robin is pleased. Sam and Jason discuss that they will be happy when Brenda doesn’t live at the penthouse anymore. Carly threatens Brenda with what she has. Why is Shawn kidnapping Sam? Lisa and Johnny hit the sheets. Brenda and Dante fess up. Will Brenda and Sonny make it to I Do? Can Sam and Jason get Shawn to switch teams? Lulu punches Dante. Maxie wants Matt to help her uncover that Johnny is covering for Dr. Niles. Franco calls Jason. Something about the Balkan just doesn’t make sense. Jason barely survives a gunfight. Jason always survives, what about Lucky?! Geesh! Whose body is that?