One Life to Live Recap: Your Lies Become You


Editor's Note: Recap For Thursday February 10

Natalie: C’mon! We both know that you wouldn’t have been able to accept the truth. If I had come to you and said that this baby was another man’s baby, would you have welcomed him as your own?

Natalie admits to sleeping with Brody, but John knows there’s more. It was the night she left John the letter, and feeling rejected, she got drunk and found solace in Brody. After, John showed up at the airport and “everything changed.” John wonders how Marty factors in, and Natalie claims that Marty blames Nat for everything and wanted revenge. Natalie admits to kidnapping Marty, but John forces Nat to confess the rest: a clueless Brody is Liam’s father.

Natalie never wanted to hurt John, but she couldn’t take away another child. John is devastated; he went through everything with Natalie and bonded with Liam. John believes Natalie is just like Clint. Neither of them are God, but they act like it and would lie forever to control everything.

Natalie couldn’t be honest. She was scared, and initially considered an abortion, but she loves John, and wanted to give him this “gift.” Liam may be Brody’s by blood, but Liam is John’s son. As a lone tear falls, John cradles Natalie’s face. “I don’t have a son.”

Brody admits to sleeping with Natalie, but Jessica thinks he’s just saying that to punish her. It’s true, and Jess is devastated that Brody cheated. It was a one-night-stand that occurred after pushing Jessica to remember. He was drunk and he thought he lost Jess, but then a “miracle” happened and Jessica remembered. Jessica realizes it was the same day that she was with Ford, and she concludes that Natalie worried about Liam’s paternity. Brody insists the test named John.

Jessica had a right to know, especially since she couldn’t keep Ford a secret from Brody. Brody rationalizes that there were too many relationships on the line. Jess determines that Marty knew. Jessica is crushed, but she knows that Brody is suffering as well. Brody asks what comes next, but Jess can’t think; she must go home to her baby. Defeated, Brody agrees: “Your baby.”

Jessica races into the hall as Brody follows. Frozen, they come face-to-face with a broken John and Natalie.

Due to Todd boycotting the wedding, Tea and Dani are irritated that they’re eating at the diner. Todd thinks all weddings but his own are “snoozefests.” Todd receives a call from his staff, alerting him to the events of the wedding. Todd relays that the wedding was “anything but boring.” Todd’s friend, Vimal, released an avalanche of revelations, and though his niece, Jessica’s, life is in shambles; Todd shows no sympathy or compassion.

Shaken by the information about Ford, Dani leaves to see Nate. Todd wants to chaperone Dani’s date. He trusts his girls, just not the men in their lives. Todd does feel sorry for Ford, however, for being kept from his child. Todd gets an ominous phone call. He’s unnerved, and suggests he and Tea take a trip away from Llanview. Immediately.

Langston is sorry for Starr and James’ bad timing, and while Starr knows it’s time to move on regardless, she was hoping to do so with James. When Starr goes to check on Hope, Langston reveals that James “couldn’t keep it in his pants.” Ford thinks James has needs, but thinks Starr should still be honest. Starr returns, and Starr and Langston ask Ford to respect Starr’s wishes. Ford agrees. Starr admits she’s impressed with Ford’s growth. Langston is happy that he’s proven himself.

Nate shows up at James’ apartment, wanting pointers from Ford. Dani’s still a virgin, and while Nate’s supportive, it’s tough. Ford returns home, and advises Nate that he’s “learned the hard way” that some things are “worth waiting for.” Ford reveals that Starr visited Cole, and alludes to it being of a different variety. Ford encourages James to ask Starr about it.

While Ford is getting ready, Dani arrives and reveals to Nate that Ford is Ryder’s father. The test was doctored and it will be all over the news soon. Ford enters. “What’s up?”

At the church, Kelly reads Clint’s note attached to the flash drive wherein he apologizes for breaking Joey’s heart, but deems it necessary. The weddings are cancelled and Joey can’t bear to help Clint, so Aubrey suggests they leave. Kelly stops them and hands Joey the flash drive.

Cutter offers his laptop, but once Kelly and Joey move to the vestibule, Aubrey freaks out. A video plays that has Aubrey expressing how terribly she feels about Kelly’s manipulations of Joey because Aubrey loves him so much. Aubrey feigns shock, but before Kelly can clear herself, Joey lights into her. He accuses Kelly of hoping for something damning against Aubrey and of manipulating him. Kelly promises her feelings are sincere, but Joey vows he’ll never feel that way about Kelly again.

Aubrey pulls Cutter aside, and though he scared her, she’s thrilled that he pulled off the switch. Cutter saw Clint slip the drive to Kelly, which means Clint has seen the footage. Kelly is about to give Joey Clint’s note, when Aubrey returns, suggesting an immediate wedding.