Ratings, Rants and Raves: Why I LOVED Last Week's AMC and Think DAYS Has Become Awful TV

Looks like the majority of the country being trapped in their homes by winter weather helped much of the daytime soaps the week of Jan. 31-Feb. 4, 2011. (Source: Soap Opera Network) ABC Daytime's One Life to Live gained the most total viewers over the previous week, attracting 343,000 additional pairs of eyeballs. OLTL went up one-tenth of a point in households, among women 18-49 and among women 18-34.


OLTL had some good stuff the week in question, from Messica and Natalie's (Bree Williamson and Melissa Archer) bachelorette party, to Viki (Erika Slezak) actually taking up for Dorian (Robin Strasser) to Echo (Kim Zimmer), but I must confess, I do have my gripes with the town of Llanview of late. There are too many freaking new characters!

Just when I get adjusted to all the Fords, we get Cutter and Aubrey. Now y'all know I love me some Terri Conn, but I'd rather see Echo getting the goods on Clint, than some random, new grifter with an eye candy partner-in-crime. I'm also not feeling TOE-MAS (Ted King) yet. That being said, Clint vs. Bo (Jerry verDorn and Robert S. Woods) is epic soap opera, so I will try to be patient with all the other ish. 

Elsewhere on the Mouse House dial, General Hospital went up 209,000 total viewers.  GH held steady in households, but went up one-tenth of a point among women 18-49. In the increasingly-important women 18-34 demo, GH inched up two-tenths of a point.

GH was pretty darn spot on the week in question; Michael (Chad Duell) finally revealing he was raped in prison, Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) finding out his little lass was working for The Sri Lankan. As mad as I've been with the idiots who run this show for firing Rebecca Herbst, GH is still a drug I just can't seem to quit.

All My Children went up 148,000 total viewers the week of Jan. 31, which wasn't enough to get it out of last place. AMC went up one-tenth of a point in households and among women 18-34, but held steady among women 18-49. Since I missed the latest Daytime Confidential podcast, I will get my two cents in about AMC here. I LOVED IT the week in question! I know my cohorts Luke and Regan were upset over the direction the soap is taking Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) in, but I thought it was hilarious, soapgasmic goodness. 

How many times have we said that AMC smartly deciding to make Annie crazy is what endeared her to us? Last week, Wild-eyed Annie running amuck, imagining Marissa (a surprisingly-impressive Sarah Glendining) every where she went, going all Virginia Woolf on JR (Jacob Young) and finally handcuffing that meddlesome Colby (Natalie Hall) to that nightstand with those kinky, sex cuff made AMC my go-to soap. 

I also enjoyed Kendall's (Alicia Minshew) revelation that she, not her divalicious mama, plugged David (Vincent Irizarry), before yanking out her I.V. to head out of the hospital like a crazed woman. Seeing the new Scooby gang of Jake (Ricky Paull Goldin), Cara (Lindsay Hartley) and Griffin (Jordi Vilasuso) commandering that ambulance to race to save Kendall had me yelling out at my TV in excitement. And then, of couse, Wild-eyed Annie had to cause 'em to crash. Sorry, Luke and Regan, but we will have to agree to disagree, because AMC was off the chain for me!

Over at CBS, The Young and the Restless inched up 78,000 total viewers. Y&R went up one-tenth of a point in households and among women 18-34, but held steady among women 18-49. Y&R had over 5.3 million viewers for the week, and snow or no snow, that's doggone impressive. I may not agree with a lot of Maria Arena Bell's storylines, but there's no denying her version of this show has proven better for ratings than recent regimes. AllI I ask is please, please, Soap Gods, no more doppelgangers, faked deaths or volcanoes for at least six months!

The big story point on Y&R the week of Jan. 31 was of course Blake (Paul Leyden) shooting Cane (Daniel Goddard) on the steps of the church. I gotta be honest, I wasn't feeling the story's set up at all. Jill Foster Abbott (Jess Walton) the same woman who seduced Kay's husband, blackmailed her way into 20 percent of Jabot, hired David Kimble to get Nina's money, etc. is now just another dumb woman on soaps, who can't tell she's being taken, all so that this plot driven climax could be facilitated?  Nope, sorry, Jill ain't no dummy and neither are her fans. 

One a sidenote, who put my Jill Abbott in that shiteous, Dorothy Zbornak dress?! She looked like she worked the counter at Ross Dress For Less, not like she owned half of a high-end department store chain. Then you have the fact that Cane being shot basically ripped off every gangster movie in the history of entertainment, and Blake, a big, strapping man, died after falling down—what, two steps—and broke his neck? Jesus take to the wheel. Christel Khalil and Daniel Goddard were on point this week, however.

Y&R's sister soap, The Bold and the Beautiful was the only daytime drama to actually lose total viewers the week of Jan. 31. B&B dropped a miniscule 15,000 total viewers and held steady in households. The soap did manage to go up one-tenth of a point among women 18-49 and among women 18-34.

The Logans and Forresters were dealing with Stephen (Patrick Duffy) and Pam's (Alley Mills)  engagement the week in question, while Y&R's Dr. Olivia "Aunt Liv" Barber Hastings Winters (Tonya Lee Williams) showed up for her cousin Justin's (Aaron D. Spears) wedding to Donna (Jennifer Gareis). I have to admit, it would have been nice to see Justin and Donna take some time to fall back in love before a quickie wedding. Their son is like 30, so what was the need for a shotgun ceremony? I enjoyed Nick (Jack Wagner) coming to terms with his addiction to cigars, but I hope B&B doesn't get too preachy. Let's add a little more sizzle and fashion in the coming weeks!

This brings us finally to Days of Our Lives. Sigh.  DAYS went up 244,000 total viewers. DAYS also went up one-tenth of a point in housholds and among women 18-34 and posted an impressive two-tenths of a point gain among women 18-49, which I am sorry, proves there is no accounting for taste.

DAYS is absolutely abysmal again. It wasn't bad enough that another one of Sami's (Alison Sweeney) children had to face a medical malady, now we have soap heroines having their organs stolen. I haven't witnessed such an obscene sequence play out on a soap opera as Jennifer Rose (Melissa Reeves) having her heart dug out of her chest by Gina Capwell (Robin Mattson) since they raped that woman with a turkey baster on Sunset Beach. Awful, awful awful television. Dena Higley should be ashamed of herself, but I know she's not, so I am ashamed enough for the both of us.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

Ratings for the week January 31 - February 4, 2011

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers

1. Y&R 5,333,000 (+78,000/+65,000)

2. B&B 3,204,000 (-15,000/-84,000)

3. DAYS 3,030,000 (+244,000/-93,000)

4. GH 2,893,000 (+209,000/-158,000)

5. OLTL 2,850,000 (+343,000/+382,000)

6. AMC 2,653,000 (+148,000/-67,000)


1. Y&R 3.8/11 (+.1/same)

2. B&B 2.3/7 (same/-.1)

3. DAYS 2.1/6 (+.1/-.1)

4. AMC 2.0/6 (+.1/same)

4. GH 2.0/ (same/-.2)

4. OLTL 2.0/6 (+.1/+.2)

Women 18-49 Viewers

1. Y&R 1,078,000 (+46,000/-135,000)

2. GH 858,000 (+77,000/-207,000)

3. DAYS 839,000 (+85,000/-34,000)

4. OLTL 692,000 (+78,000/same)

5. B&B 638,000 (+13,000/-133,000)

6. AMC 599,000 (+38,000/-135,000)

Women 18-49 Rating

1. Y&R 1.6/9 (same/-.2)

2. GH 1.3/7 (+.1/-.3)

2. DAYS 1.3/7 (+.2/same)

4. OLTL 1.0/6 (+.1/same)

4. B&B 1.0/5 (+.1/-.2)

6. AMC 0.9/5 (same/-.2)

Girls 12-17 Viewers

1. Y&R 41,000 (-9,000/+3,000)

2. DAYS 40,000 (-1,000/+3,000)

3. GH 39,000 (+1,000/-10,000)

4. OLTL 38,000 (+2,000/+21,000)

5. B&B 29,000 (-2,000/+11,000)

6. AMC 15,000 (-7,000/-11,000)

Women 18-34 Rating

1. DAYS 0.9/5 (+.1/-.1)

1. Y&R 0.9/5 (+.1/-.3)

3. GH 0.8/4 (+.2/-.3)

4. OLTL 0.6/3 (+.1/-.1)

5. AMC 0.5/3 (+.1/-.3)

5. B&B 0.5/3 (+.1/-.3)

Men 18+ Viewers

1. Y&R 1,263,000 (+5,000/-2,000)

2. DAYS 738,000 (+80,000/+80,000)

3. B&B 729,000 (same/-57,000)

4. OLTL 621,000 (+158,000/+174,000)

5. AMC 597,000 (+101,000/+96,000)

6. GH 589,000 (+83,000/+17,000)


Day-To-Day Ratings - HH/Total Viewers


Monday: 2.0/2,577,000

Tuesday: 2.2/2,894,000

Wednesday: 2.0/2,820,000

Thursday: 1.8/2,550,000

Friday: 1.8/2,422,000


Monday: 2.3/3,172,000

Tuesday: 2.4/3,371,000

Wednesday: 2.5/3,452,000

Thursday: 2.1/2,969,000

Friday: 2.1/3,058,000


Monday: 1.9/2,667,000

Tuesday: 2.1/3,071,000

Wednesday: 2.4/3,567,000

Thursday: 2.1/2,937,000

Friday: 2.0/2,910,000


Monday: 2.0/2,662,000

Tuesday: 2.2/3,147,000

Wednesday: 2.1/3,106,000

Thursday: 2.0/2,777,000

Friday: 1.9/2,775,000


Monday: 2.0/2,615,000

Tuesday: 2.1/3,010,000

Wednesday: 2.1/2,992,000

Thursday: 2.0/2,789,000

Friday: 1.9/2,842,000


Monday: 3.6/5,018,000

Tuesday: 3.8/5,318,000

Wednesday: 4.0/5,813,000

Thursday: 3.8/5,258,000

Friday: 3.6/5,259,000


For the SEASON September 20, 2010 through February 6, 2011


1. Y&R 3.7

2. B&B 2.3

3. DAYS 2.0

3. GH 2.0

5. OLTL 1.9

5. AMC 1.9

Women 18-49 Rating

1. Y&R 1.7

2. GH 1.4

3. DAYS 1.2

4. B&B 1.0

4. OLTL 1.0

6. AMC 0