Regan Reax: Do I Really Feel Bad For One Life to Live's John McBain?


What in the world is going on? I actually feel bad for John McBain (Michael Easton) on One Life to Live! Now, I’m not completely heartless, the story alone can make anyone feel bad for the daddy in question. To have your almost wife, Natalie (Melissa Archer) lie to you about being a father and then to find out— on your wedding day no less— that the kid isn’t yours, but your best man’s, well that’s a doozy by anyone’s standards. But, to feel bad for John McBain, a character I normally detest? WTH?

Was it the writing? The acting? Typically, I find both Archer and Easton a tad bit dull. Yesterday, boy oh boy was Easton on something. Dare I say it, was he exhibiting a little bit of fire? The back and forth of the scenes between Natalie and John and Jessica (Bree Williamson) and Brody (Mark Lawson) really had one couple out-shining the other.

Maybe it’s due to the fact that we’ve seen Messica in this sort of mess before and the been there/done that feeling was overwhelming. It’s possible I just didn’t feel all that bad for Brody knowing  he was going to get the son he lost in the next episode.

So, when you think about it, in this equation, how can you not feel bad for John McBain? Lord in the morning, somebody help me.