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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Lily Going Crazy?

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Lily: She starts to see things, making her wonder if her mind is playing tricks on her. Is Lily losing her mind or is it something else?


Neil/Sofia: The two get a bit intimate.


The fashionista is not thrilled when she finds out what Jana's new job is.

Abby: The Naked Heiress is given another offer by Victor to drop her suit.

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Nick/Diane/Victor/Nikki/Deacon: Kids get ready for some serious drama with Valentine's Day in Genoa City! Victor finally realizes Nick and Diane are more than friends when he spots them kissing. The Black Knight decides to attend Gloria's bash at Gloworm. Meanwhile, Deacon approaches Nikki for a dance. At first she's a bit hesitant, but decides to kick her heels up!

Things go from bad to worse when Victor spots his sweet love Nikki on the dance floor with Deacon (In your face, Victor!) Victor confronts his ex and tries to rip her a new one, but Nikki doesn't give two hoots and keeps it moving. This motivates Mr. Mumbles to put a plan in motion that may torpedo his family. Victor calls Diane and tells her to head to Gloworm and feigns the reason is all about work. Diane leaves Nick and heads over to the club and Victor promptly lets her know he wants to play and not work.

Nick also heads over to Gloworm, since his night is a bust, only to walk in on his father giving Gloria a check and planting a big kiss on Diane! A stunned Nick storms out with Diane giving chase resulting in the two having a heated confrontation. Nick wonders if Diane was playing him while bagging his dad at the same time. Later, Nick has a chat with his dad and is still pissed by his actions. Victor pretends not to know why his eldest boy is upset with him.  Nick doesn't give anything away.

In Victor's mind, he is trying to save his son from Diane, since he knows what a predator she can be. Victor thinks he can keep Ms. Jenkins under his thumb by executing his plan, but we all know how well those schemes of his turn out. At the same time, Victor really wants to find out just how serious Nikki is with Deacon and to drive her crazy. Victor still loves Nikki and is steamed she's with Deacon and wants to hurt Nikki by making a public spectacle of his relationship with Diane. Look for Nick to do something drastic as a result of his father's stunts.

Adam:/Sharon: Adam  pops the question to Sharon at Gloworm. Sharon accepts, and the only person who is happy are the lovebirds.

Cane: The citizens of Genoa City turn out for the Aussie's funeral.

Meggie: The barmaid's return to town ruffles the feathers of Victor and Nikki (along with mine).

Nina: She gets bad news about Ronan.