Help Me, Holy Ghost: The Naked Cowboy is SUING The Bold and the Beautiful!


My nerves can't take much more foolishness this week. First Lady Gaga showed up at the Grammy's looking like Huey, Louie and Dewey's long lost sister, Ducky La Rue. Now The Naked Cowboy from New York City is suing CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful for copyright infringement!

According to TMZ, The Naked Cowboy is upset over B&B allegedly promoting a "clip on their website and on YouTube with the name 'Naked Cowboy' attached to it. The NC also claims CBS purchased advertising on search engines for the term 'naked cowboy."

Say what? Say huh? I wonder if he's confusing this with the "Naked Heiress" story arc from B&B's sister sudser The Young and the Restless? I ain't never seen any naked cowboys on B&B. I've seen honey bears, so I guess if Winnie The Pooh wanted to lawyer up, there could be a case, but when did B&B have naked cowboys? As it is though, this Naked Cowboy person (What is the name on his birth certificate?) wants the Bells to pony up $1.5 million. Well, I guess at least  he could buy himself a pair of britches with that kinda money. This just beats all I've seen and heard.

Photo of The Naked Cowby by PR Photos