The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy's Back and She's Mad as Hell!


Bill/Amber: Dollar Bill starts to dig into what caused the trailer explosion. He starts to believe Amber was behind it all and wants to kill Liam. Bill rips into her and Ms. Moore tries to bolt. Bill stops Amber and gives her an offer, leaving her to think she will nab a piece of the Spencer money. Later, Liam takes a turn for the worse and Bill goes after Amber once again. Amber runs to Stephanie for some help against Dollar Bill.

Thomas/Dayzee: The pair goes on a date and are spotted by Brooke. Logan watches the two kiss.

Steffy: The heiress is back and is mad as hell. Steffy lights into Stephanie about being friends with Brooke and dissing Taylor. She then targets Brooke and craps all over the Taboo line and her stepmother's relationship with Thomas. Steffy lets Brooke know how much she dislikes where Forrester Creations is going. Sucks to be Steffy, Ridge walks in on her latest tirade.

Nick: The sailor tells Oliver to go after Hope while her relationship with Liam is on the skids.

Bill: He confides to Steffy.