As The World Turns' Ellen Dolan Joins Snarky, Fun Webisoap Empire!


This news should bring smiles to the faces of displaced Procter and Gamble soap fans. Ellen Dolan (ex-Maureen, Guiding Light; ex-Margo, As The World Turns) is joining the cast of one of our favorite webisoaps, Empire!

"I was invited to go to the screening of Empire by Yvonne Perry, and much to my surprise, I found a funny, quirky piece that I felt comfortable pitching my character to” says Dolan. “I've always wanted to have a chance to play her, and was delighted when Brian [Hewson] and Greg [Turner] said yes."


Look for Dolan's mysterious, new character to premiere during Empire's fourth season alongside such soapy faves as Yvonne Perry (Valerie), Orlagh Cassidy (Colleen), Nicholas Rodriguez (Landon) and of course, Tina Sloan as the unstoppable Theodora!