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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam appreciates all the work Jason put into their dinner together. She’s grateful for him and is surprised to see that he cooked for her. Jason wonders why she won’t call for the results. Sam feels she isn’t pregnant, but got the test done because once Maxie put the thought in her head, it’s all she could think about. She tells Jason to forget about the test, but he tells her he needs to know. Sam calls for the results and tells Jason the test was negative, but claims she’s fine and that he’s all she needs. Jason tells her not to say what she thinks he wants to hear, but rather what she wants. Sam is sad, even though she had accepted that she wouldn’t have children and does not want to do the procedure and be disappointed.

Lulu and Dante head to the opera, which happens to be about a man who lies to his woman and then she kills him. Dante jokingly wonders if that’s his fate, but at the opera, Lulu is moved to tears and the two hold hands. Back at the apartment, Lulu goes to leave, but Dante draws her into a kiss.


Carol, Spinelli, Brenda and Suzanne are discussing the wedding plans. Carol’s going to get a new dress. Spinelli has figured out a way for the Pavilion to be dried out in time. Sonny arrives and Suzanne shows her displeasure again by claiming the wedding is cursed and that Brenda shouldn’t marry him. Sonny doesn’t care for her disapproval. Carol has picked up Sonny’s ring, which Brenda insists he shouldn’t see before the wedding.

Lisa drinks her beer, goes to stand up and nearly falls as Johnny arrives and catches her. He takes her back to his place, so she can recover. She thinks he wants to take advantage of her, but he’s aware that she spiked the beer. Lisa realizes that Johnny bribed the waitress to give the good beer to Patrick and let her drink the spiked one. She doesn’t want him messing with her life, and he says now she knows how Robin feels. Johnny feels that her situation is very similar to Claudia’s, who turned herself inside out for Sonny’s love. Johnny feels Patrick doesn’t love her and she’ll be destroyed like Claudia was. Lisa tells him to stay out of her way, that he won’t keep her from Patrick.

Terrell and Robin continue to make small talk. Patrick joins their table and after much bravado by both men, they agree to a dart game loser walks away. Robin claims not to be happy to be won by someone. After Patrick tosses the darts, kisses her wishes her a happy Valentine’s day, and leaves. That kiss was HAWT!

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Shawn’s meeting with Theo about grabbing Brenda at the Pavilion, when Carly walks in looking for Diane and makes small talk with Shawn, much to Theo’s annoyance. Carly reminds Theo that he works for the firm that her ex and bestie have on retainer and tells him to have Diane call her. Theo tells Shawn, that he wants to send a message to Jason and to take care of it.

Carly heads to Jake’s, where Spinelli finds her and questions her about the flooding and the dress. She wonders if he’s asking or accusing. She can’t believe the wedding will happen, considering Brenda’s lies and mentions having been in the jewelry store at the same time the wedding planner was picking up the ring. Spin asks her if she warned Sonny and Carly says she’s told him it will end in disaster.

Siobhan turns on Lucky and helps the Balkan’s men to tie up Lucky. When they hear sirens, she tells the men to check it out. Lucky questions why she would do this, but she tells him family counts more and she’s going to save her sister even if it’s at his expense. When the men return, Siobhan tells them to call the Balkan to make the trade Lucky for Meghan. Lucky breaks free and they take down the men. Siobhan admits it was all a plan and Lucky wonders if she’s crazy since she could have gotten them both killed. They search the men for clues. Theo calls and lets Lucky know that he’s aware of what’s happened and things aren’t over for them.

Jason has a gift for Sam. He apologizes for what little time they’ve had alone since Brenda came into their lives, but tells her that she’s first in his life and loves her. He gives her a necklace. Sam drags him into Sonny’s office to kiss, while someone’s lurking outside.

Sonny wants to see the ring, so Brenda finally agrees and is shocked to find the box empty.

Shawn lets himself into the restaurant and Sonny’s office, only to turn around and find Jason with a gun on him. Not the smartest move from this guy that came across as much smarter than that.