My Funny, Scandalous Valentine's Day on The Young and the Restless


The majority of citizens of the metropolis known as Genoa City filed in to the latest hotspot (Oh Colonade Room, how I miss you) to celebrate Valentine's Day with their loved ones on Monday's episode of The Young and the Restless. What a day to remember! Relationships flourished, while other pairings withered on the holiday created for lovers. 

Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) finally overcame their issues and sealed the deal on their newfound relationship, thanks to Cupid's helpers aka Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) and Gloria (Judith Chapman).

I was a bit apprehensive when Y&R first decided to pair these two up. Lets face it: Chloe is caviar and Kevin is potato chips. However, overtime, with Rikaart and Hendrickson's comedic timing and acting abilities, the coupling has won me over. Kevin and Chloe's Pretty in Pink-style banter and witty word play displays why friendships, over time, can turn into romance.

Even Jana's (Emily O'Brien) faux amnesia couldn't put a damper on Kevin and Chloe's feelings, and the payoff yesterday was definitely worth its weight in Godiva chocolates in a heart-shaped box. Just seeing Jana's facial expressions when she walked in on Kevin and Chloe getting freaky sneaky made the episode worth watching! Seriously, someone in Genoa City should hand Jana a copy of He's Just Not That Into You, especially now that she's taken to dressing like a crossing guard.

I can't believe a duo as smart as Kevin and Chloe don't realize Jana is taking them for a ride. These two reformed schemers should be able to spot a hustle from a mile away, but then again so should Jill Abbott (Jess Walton), and we see she's married to the Aussie Mob. 

The true highlight of the episode was seeing Deacon (Sean Kanan) and Nikki (Melodie Thomas Scott) finally coming out of the shadows and putting their relationship on full display by sharing a dance.  I only wish there had been more. Nikki made it seem their dancing would be scandalous, so why not make it so?

While I doubt there's a missing chapter of The Rules on how it's okay to cut a rug with the man who torpedoed your daughter's marriage, but If they're going to cause jaws to drop, at least bust a few moves that will have the entire town talking about it for days!

I'm not saying Deacon and Nikki should have done the Stanky Leg, but the dance should have warranted the likes of Kay and Gloria clutching their pearls. Okay, imitation pearls in Gloria's case.  That being said, I absolutely loved my Neacon thumbing their relationship in Victor's (Eric Braeden) face!

I always love it when Nikki stands up to Victor and that she did on yesterday's air show. I only wish Deacon had gone upside Mr. Mumbles's head. The Bold and the Beautiful viewers remember that it took Eric (John McCook), Ridge (Ron Moss) and Thorne Forrester (Winsor Harmon) combined to put a massive beat down on Deacon, and even that couldn't keep the smooth-talking, bad boy down. I'm sorr,y but Victor would be no match for that much younger buck in a tangle! Do I think The Great Victor Newman has finally met his match with Mr. Sharpe? Yes, I do! Now if only Braedenwill allow Y&R to write it.  

Deacon may not be as wealthy as the tycoon, but we know when push comes to shove, Mr. Sharpe can take it to the streets in a fight. Rmember when Deacon got into karate stance to kick Massimo Marone's (Joe Mascolo) behind without even blinking an eye? If done right, Y&R could have a serious triangle and rivalry on their hands.

Speaking of Victor, how pathetic was it to see Mr. Mumbles competing with his son over a woman, and to also flaunt the relationship in everyone's faces? You'd think Victor would realize he doesn't have many family members to rely on these days. Why does he want to piss off Nick (Joshua Morrow)? The coupling of Nick Newman and his ex-stepmother Diane Jenkins (Maura West), as my Twitter followers know, had me beyond hesitant, but I have to admit it, the two have more heat than a blog post revealing a congressman at a hooker convention.

I guess someone at Y&R decided to watch Morrow's scandalous, cheesy 90's TV-Movie  My Stepson, My Lover for inspiration, and I am not mad at that. If it works, it works! The part I am not interested in seeing is Victor thrown in the mix.  Mauling Diane's face in the public as an "up yours" to Nick and Nikki was just sad and painful to watch. Valentine's Day is all about romance and celebrating love, not upchucking your lunch, which is what Victor's bravado almost made me do.

This brings us to Y&R's other controversial pairing, Shadam. I thought Sharon (Sharon Case) and Adam's (Michael Muhney) scenes were actually kinda sweet. Adam being the black sheep that he is, wanting to stand up to the town and profess his love for Sharon, was touching. It's nice to see how far the Artist Formerly Known as Adam Wilson will go to get the girl, but the cynic in me still can't forget everything he's done to said girl.

As much as Sharon likes to confront any and everyone about their relationship, this man did snatch up the magic baby Angel Cassie told her and Nick about. Ms. Thing trying to scold Nikki for being with Deacon cracked me up to no end. I do have to commend Shadam's "us against the world" attitude (I guess that's the rebel in me), but the jury is still out for me on this pairing's longtime viability.

Sofia (Julia Pace Mitchell) and Fauxcolm's Malcolm's (Darius McCrary)  relationship barely rates commentary. It is as sad as that ugly bouquet of flowers she was holding at the bar. So Sofia lied about what Cane (Daniel Goddard) was up to? Big deal! Malcolm acts as if she and Cane were running some drug cartel and cut him out of the profits. 

Malcolm has had a problem with lies ever since he found out about Lily's (Christel Khalil) paternity, but he was never this much of a jerk. Sofia oughta tell him to kick rocks, but as for this episode,  it can stick around in my memory until Genoa City's next Valentine's Day, because Y&R actually played all the beats for a change.