One Life to Live Recap: Where Do Broken Hearts Go

Charlie: Because if I hadn’t lost Jared... if I wasn’t walking around with a gaping hole in my heart every day, maybe I wouldn’t be so ready to buy what Clint was selling! That I could have another family of my own again: a son, a grandson... and you.


Charlie shows up at Echo’s motel room. Charlie gazes at a picture of Rex and Shane, but when his phone rings, he explains it’s Viki and he can’t deal with her at the moment. Charlie reveals he doesn’t have a son. Clint, who hates Rex, didn’t want him and decided to “unload” Rex on Charlie. Echo is sympathetic, but she worries when Charlie says he was at Rodi’s.

Charlie explains that he struggled with the temptation to drink, but ultimately, he didn’t consume a drop. Charlie believes Viki didn’t want Charlie to have a family with Rex, and he’s grateful Echo hasn’t played him like others have. Echo insists she just wanted to give Charlie “a gift,” and Charlie thinks she did by coming back into his life. They kiss, but Echo pulls away and apologizes. Charlie pulls her into a more intense embrace, and they fall onto the bed.

Viki runs into Rex and Gigi at Rodi’s. Rex and Gigi reluctantly tell Viki that Charlie had been there and ordered a drink. Rex vows not to abandon Charlie, biology be damned. Rex is disgusted when Viki reveals that Clint “played with more lives” than just Rex’s and Charlie’s. Clint comes from a long line of men who need to rule their family, but Viki thought Clint was different. Viki worries about her daughters.

After Viki leaves, Rex and Gigi realize Charlie may be with Echo. If so, he’s safe, and they need to tell Shane the truth. Rex wonders how to tell his son that his real grandfather hates his own son. At Llanfair, Viki holds Liam as she tries to assure Ryder everything will be okay.

Aubrey wants to get married immediately. She feels badly for Joey’s sisters, but she just wants to be with Joey. Kelly wonders if Aubrey’s rushing because Aubrey thinks someone will stop them. When Cutter says Aubrey and Joey have no secrets, Kelly instructs Joey to read Clint’s note. Joey is appalled that Kelly is in cahoots with Clint, but she insists Clint knew there was something else on the drive. Joey refuses and accepts Aubrey’s proposal.

Kelly declines to be a witness. Joey goes after Kelly, but she vows she’s getting out of his way. The minister marries Aubrey and Joey. From the back, Kelly watches as they seal it with a kiss, but when they part, Kelly is gone. In the vestibule, Aubrey and Cutter share a celebratory kiss; time to “fleece” the Buchanans. At Rodi’s, Kelly chugs a martini.

Jessica thinks everything is out in the open, but John says “Brody doesn’t know everything.” John forces Natalie to spill the rest, and Natalie admits to lying to everyone. She never wanted to, but she didn’t want to risk losing Jessica. Jessica is saddened Natalie had so little faith in her. John chimes in and reveals that Brody is Liam’s father. Natalie wanted the twins to get their happy endings, but Jessica realizes Marty knew the truth. Instead of Natalie coming clean, Nat continued to lie, and Jessica believes she’s a “lying, selfish whore!”

John asks Jessica if she’s all right, but Jess wonders the same about him. In the hall, John tells Brody to take care of Liam, but Brody is still in shock and doesn’t think of Liam as his son. John instructs Brody to start, because with parents like Natalie and Brody, Liam is going to need all the help he can get. Jessica blasts Natalie, accusing Nat of trying to steal her life. Natalie insists she’s not the same person as when she arrived in Llanview. Jessica rips the necklace from Natalie’s neck, vowing that Natalie is not her sister.

At the apartment, when Dani blurts “baby,” Ford fears she’s pregnant. Nate covers with a lame excuse that Ford has “baby-soft skin.” Ford asks for Dani’s fashion advice, explaining that it’s the end of a long dry spell for he and Langston. Nate doesn’t think Ford is ready for fatherhood, but Dani doesn’t think it matters because Ford is a father. Ford returns, and Nate reveals that Ford is the father of Jessica’s baby and there’s proof. Ford hyperventilates until he decides he must leave, but when Dani offers, he orders her not to call Langston.

Alone, Nate tells Dani that he has a surprise for her, and he wants her night to be perfect. Dani shocks him when she says she wants to have sex.

Natalie collapses into a chair, sobbing that her sister hates her. John sits in the darkened church, looks up and shakes his head, and walks out. Ford shows up in the nursery. He gazes at Ryder and happily whispers, “My son.” Brody stops in the doorway when he sees Ford holding Ryder. Brody glares. Jessica breaks into Foxy Roxy’s with a crowbar. Disheveled, she stares into the mirror, but she’s shocked to see Tess staring back at her.