General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Theo’s not happy that Siobhan didn’t follow his rules and he's been double-crossed. He threatens to kill Siobhan’s sister, despite Lucky’s attempts to mollify him. Siobhan screams at him that there will be no place for him to hide if he kills Meghan. Lucky and Siobhan hide and overhear the goons talk about where Meghan is being hidden.


Brenda blames Carly for stealing the ring, but Sonny assures her that Carly has too much on her plate dealing with Michael and offers up another possibility: Suzanne. They quickly call Suzanne to the apartment. When Suzanne arrives, they tell her about the ring and she blames Carly, but they point out to her that she had access to the dress, the pavilion, the ring and that she never wanted the wedding to happen.

Suzanne finally admits that she’s been sabotaging the wedding, because Brenda’s been like a daughter to her and she’s trying to save her by stopping the wedding. Brenda feels it has more to do with Suzanne losing her cash cow with the charity, but Suzanne insists that it’s about the danger from the Balkan. Suzanne tries to leave, but Sonny stops her. Sonny convinces Brenda not to throw away the friendship, so Brenda gives her a hug.

Jason’s aware that Theo is sending him a message and that Shawn is able to get to him, anytime. Shawn tells Jason to stop investigating Theo. Jason lets Shawn go, but warns him that next time he won’t get off so easily.

Theo is not happy to be summoned to Jason’s apartment where Jason informs the lawyer that he’s fired. That’s fine with Theo, who reminds Jason that he’ll need a special lawyer to deal with Brenda, who easily falls apart. He goes on to say that the fallout will be Dante getting in trouble and that could cause problems with him being Michael's guardian, thus leading to potential problems with Michael as well. The small talk turns to Michael returning to Pentonville, Jason backs off and allows Theo to stay on the case.

After Theo leaves, Sam confronts Jason, feeling that he let Theo manipulate him, but Jason admits he did on purpose. Jason is aware that something is off with Theo and wants everything checked out, because he feels the Balkan might have hired him.

Michael meets with Carly and lets her know how the therapy is going. She tells him to give it time. He mentions going to see Abby and Carly tells him she’s concerned about what Abby does and Michael getting caught in that environment. Luke interrupts, but Carly makes him small talk with Michael and says she’s proud of her son.

Carly tells Luke she has proof that Dante and Brenda are lying liars who lie and shows him the custody document. She says she’s going to drop the bomb at the wedding and Luke seems fine with that, but does remind her that something that big would have collateral damage and you never know who you’ll hit. Carly admits that Michael would be devastated, but isn’t sorry about Sonny, since he’s the one always making bad choices. Carly does agree to confront Brenda before the wedding and if she still goes through with it, then all bets are off.

Michael meets with Abby and tells her he hates the therapy, but promises to stick with it. She’s inspired by him and decides to quit being a dancer, but is worried how Johnny will take it, since she asked for an advance to pay her school bills. Michael offers to go with her to talk to Johnny. Johnny allows her to quit, and accepts that it will take her some time to repay him, but offers her the job back if she ever needs it. Michael offers to pay the debt now, but Johnny’s fine with waiting and is happy to have a Corinthos owe him one.

Dante tries to stop Lulu from leaving, hoping she’ll stay but Lulu’s tired and determined to go home alone. Later on, he finds her at Kelly’s and sweet talks her into going back to his place to listen to the opera that they just saw and she accepts. While there, he does his best to get back into her good graces and swears that he’s not permanently untrustworthy and that he’s always loved her and only her.

Theo gets back to the office, announcing that his plan to get Jason is working well. Who should be waiting there for him, but none other than Suzanne, who mentions how her plans have been coming along. The Balkan says he was wise to marry her and has missed her, but Suzanne admits they needed to lay the necessary groundwork. The Balkan feels they will enjoy themselves, once Brenda has paid for their son’s death.