Mystery Solved: GH's Suzanne Is The Balkan's Wife!


Helen Keller called; told me she saw this eons ago (as did the DC crew, listen on the next podcast)... General Hospital star Adrienne Barbeau revealed to TV Guide'sMichael Logan her alter ego Suzanne is The Balkan's (Daniel Benzali) wife. Barbeau gives the scoop on what to expect


TV Guide Magazine: Suzanne has spent months wringing her hands over Brenda's well-being. So it was all an elaborate fraud? Brenda's gonna freak when she finds out!

When [head writer]Bob Guza told me about Suzanne's true identity I was, like, wait a minute, how can this be? How do I justify all of Suzanne's behavior up until now? How do you explain her friendship with Brenda? I also wondered if I'd have played any of this differently if I'd known all the facts when they hired me.

To find out if Suzanne means any harm to Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) click here!