One Life to Live Recap: Out Of My Mind


Tess: I’m BACK.

Jessica is terrified to see Tess staring back at her in the mirror. Tess is “a psycho,” but Tess asks to “come out and play.” Tess taunts Jessica about trusting Natalie and how Brody will eventually choose Liam over Jessica. Tess insists Jessica wants her help, and she can take care of Natalie, but Jessica is determined to resist. Jessica is stronger than Tess and able to fix the mess in her life, but she’s rattled when Tess torments her about Natalie and Brody’s “hot drunk, angry sex.” Tess insists Brody will reject “Ford’s little bastard.” Jessica breaks the mirror, but Tess is a part of Jessica. Jessica wills away Tess, and when Jessica opens her eyes, Tess is gone. Jessica picks up a pair of scissors and cracks a subtle smile.

In the nursery, Brody orders Ford away from Ryder. Ford explains that the door was unlocked, but Brody insists Ford is not welcome and he is nothing to Ryder. Brody orders Ford to get out, but Ford believes the paternity test gives him access and he will “take this up with Jessica.” Brody slams him into the wall. Ford “practically raped” Jessica, and Brody will allow him nowhere near Jessica and Ryder. Brody passionately defines what being a father truly means and Ford doesn’t cut it. Brody forcibly escorts Ford to the door.

Natalie rushes into Llanfair in tears, pulling Liam from Viki’s arms. Natalie reveals Liam is Brody’s baby. Natalie has been lying for months, and now she and John have had a huge fight and he hates her. Viki knows John is angry, but believes he’ll eventually understand. Natalie tried to protect everyone, but she destroyed everything. Viki is unwaveringly supportive and reassuring.

Natalie knows Viki is worried about Charlie and encourages her to find him, but Viki chooses to stay. They think Jessica is with Brody, but they rush into the foyer when they hear Brody throw out Ford. Viki freaks out when she realizes Jessica’s whereabouts are unknown. Brody intends to search for Jess, but Liam cries and Brody follows Natalie into the library to check on the baby.

John storms into Rodi’s and throws out all the patrons. Kelly returns from the restroom and wonders if a bomb detonated. Kelly and John compete with each other regarding their crappy days and who’s more stupid. John thinks Natalie’s only worry was that the baby was Brody’s, and for as badly as John initially felt for Brody, John is now in the same boat.

Kelly is “just as much of a dumbass.” Her situation was so obvious, and where she was expecting gratitude from Joey, she got thrown over for Aubrey. John laments Brody’s lies and admits to really wanting Liam, and Kelly thinks that’s the reason Natalie kept quiet. John looks at the pool table and envisions Natalie playing. He asks Kelly to join him in going “anywhere it’s not Valentine’s Day.”

Starr brings Blair’s forgotten sheet music to Capricorn. When Starr calls herself a loser, Blair insists otherwise and assures Starr that things will get better. Cristian is impressed with Blair’s pep talk, but wants her to take her own advice. Blair confides in Cris that Tomas is in Llanview. She’s flattered but reticent, as she’s a “psycho magnet.” She picks up a candy heart with the message “Mystery Man.” When Blair looks up, she sees Tomas smiling at her.

A creep hits on Langston as she waits for Ford. She’s relieved when she spots Starr. Starr is thinking about James, but their history is proof that it's been one disaster after another, and Starr believes their only relationship is friendship. Langston worries about Ford; she’s seen another side of him, and she’s eager to move forward. Starr won’t allow her best friend to be stood up.

Dani wants to have sex with Nate. He wants her to be certain, and she insists she’s ready. After dreaming about Starr, James comes into the living room, but offers to clear out when he finds Nate and Dani kissing. They talk to him instead. He wants Starr, but their history is proof that it's been one disaster after another. James believes that, no matter what, Starr’s heart will always be with Cole. James catches suggestive looks between Nate and Dani, and retires to his room.

Dani suggests her house, but Nate doesn’t have “a death wish.” Todd and Tea are gone for the night, and Dani is “all grown up.” They leave. James decides to find Starr. As he’s about to open the door, there’s a knock. James comes face-to-face with Starr.

Outside Capricorn, Ford fondles a gift for Langston, until he sees a familiar face walk by and calls out for Jessica. Annoyed and sporting Jessica's modified wedding dress, Tess turns around. “What are you looking at?”