General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Carly shows up at the cabin looking for Brenda. Sonny tells her he knows she wasn’t the saboteur, since she’s dealing with Michael and admits that it was Suzanne. Sonny asks Carly to stay away from Brenda until after the wedding. Carly is quick to remind him of the times she found him in his dark place, how she was there for him and questions how Brenda will deal with something like that. Sonny reminds her that he’s on medication now. Carly mentions how his life has gone on since the last time he was in love with Brenda. He's gotten married and had children. Whereas Brenda’s life has stood still, and that she can’t love anyone but herself. Sonny says Carly is jealous of Brenda and wants Carly to respect her. Carly warns Sonny that the wedding will not happen.


Jason and Sam continue to try and find the connection between Theo, Jerry and the Balkan. Sam feels Theo took the job for the publicity and that if they spend too much time focusing on Theo, they might miss something with the Balkan.

Suzanne and Theo go over their plans. Theo is going to see Robin to get more information. Brenda arrives, surprised to see Suzanne, but she covers and apologizes again for the sabotage. Brenda asks if there’s any way they can discuss the lawsuit after the wedding, and Theo tells her he’s gotten a two month continuance.

Robin and Patrick discuss the kiss and Patrick’s not going to apologize for it, since he’s trying to win her back. She wants him to take her last patient, so she can help Brenda with the final wedding plans and he agrees, until he finds out the patient is Theo. Theo arrives with his usual snark for Patrick. Robin tells him she’ll be glued to Brenda’s side, and Patrick will be taking care of him.

Lucky and Siobhan find Meghan and after what seems like hours, they finally cut her loose. When they try to leave, they get shot at. I have nothing against Lush, but geez this story is tedious and annoying right now.

Lulu stops by Kelly’s, where Luke is running the place in Mike’s absence. She decides to help him out and tells him that she’s back together with Dante. Luke is surprised at the quickness of it, but Lulu feels she didn’t want to bail on the relationship and that Luke’s advice about people being who they are really influenced her decision. Luke warns her to watch her back.

Robin stops by Sonny’s and they discuss the wedding. Sonny thanks her for bringing them together and believing in them. Sonny wishes Stone could be there, which Robin agrees with. She doesn’t regret loving Patrick, since it got her Emma.

Shawn runs into Molly and they make small talk about her therapy. She mentions going to the wedding.

Carly meets with Spinelli, who wonders what her plans are for the wedding. Carly says she won’t announce the news at the wedding, but will confront Brenda and ask her to leave town. Carly feels it will buy her silence or she’ll spill the beans at the wedding.

Jason and Sam wonder what Carly is up to and want to leave Spinelli out of it. Jason asks Spinelli to start looking into the Balkan stuff again. Jason wants to check local hospitals to check if anyone’s DNA matches Alexander's.

Kristina and Brenda are wrapping up rose petals and making small talk, when Molly arrives and joins them. Suzanne shows up to apologize again. Robin arrives and joins the girls. Carly shows up to speak with Brenda, who apologizes for thinking she was the saboteur. When Carly insists on speaking with Brenda, Robin angrily tells her to leave and slams the door in her face.

Sonny summons Max and Milo and orders them to guard Carly during the wedding and not to let her out of their sights.

Theo tells Shawn that the bride’s room will be unlocked and that’s where he’s to grab Brenda before the wedding. Once Brenda is delivered to Theo, Shawn’s duties will be done.