General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Suzanne, Carol and Robin are talking about last minute wedding details. Robin mentions Brenda’s nervousness and Suzanne wonders if she has changed her mind, but Brenda assures her she hasn’t. Talk turns to the security issue and how Jason is keeping everyone away, including paparazzi. This worries Carol because she wanted this to be the most talked about wedding of the year. After Carol and Suzanne head out, Brenda worries that something will go wrong. Robin assures her that everything will be fine and to focus on Sonny and not let the catty women deter her. As they’re leaving, Edward arrives for a word with the bride.

Robin tries to run interference, but Edward only wants assurances that Sonny will show up this time, so Brenda asks to speak to him alone. Edward doesn’t want her to suffer another broken heart, but Brenda assures him that she knows Sonny, and loves him, faults and all. Edward gives her a hankie from Lila and claims if Sonny isn’t good to her, Edward will deal with him. He just wants Brenda to be happy.


Carly runs into Luke, and tells him she wasn’t able to get to Brenda and plans to announce it at the wedding. Luke reminds her that Sonny isn’t big on forgiveness and if it were Lulu, he’d take the information directly to her and not blindside her. Luke wonders if it isn’t more about revenge against Dante, but Carly admits that’s just a bonus.

Theo managed to get Shawn onto the security team at the Pavilion and assures him that all will be well, since Theo has someone on the inside helping. Shawn’s worried he’s walking into a trap, but Theo’s more concerned about avenging his son’s death. Alexis interrupts looking for a file, makes small talk with Shawn and lets Theo know that she’s going to the wedding.

Dante and Jason check out the security of the Pavilion and Dante hopes no one will get killed. Jason wonders about his loyalty to Sonny, but Dante says he has a bad feeling about the whole thing.

Sam lets Jason know she did her own security check. Jason tells her that she’s been great and supportive through this whole Brenda mess and that he loves her and is everything he needs. Sam wonders if the second time’s a charm for BrenSon, and Jason feels that it’s just like them, and they came out stronger.

Max is not happy with Sonny’s plan to detain Carly, but Sonny is adamant that she must be contained during the ceremony. Michael wonders what’s up, but Sonny deflects. Michael’s wondering if Sonny needs anything, but Sonny assures him that everything is right and it’s the last time he’s getting married.

Carly arrives to check on Sonny and inform him that she cares about him and his happiness. Sonny assures her that nothing will come between him and Brenda. Michael picks up the vibes and tells his mother not to do whatever she has planned. Carly feigns innocence and Sonny says he doesn’t want any drama.

Luke is still stuck at Kelly’s trying to find a replacement, when Ethan arrives, and he asks his son to watch the diner so he can go to the wedding. Kristina and Molly arrive, as does Shawn, who small talks with Molly, while Kristina flirts with Ethan. Kris asks Ethan about joining her at the wedding and he lets Luke know that he won’t cover for him, because he’s going to join Kristina.

Michael arrives to pick up the girls, but decides that something is up with Carly and wants to go back to Sonny’s. Molly decides she wants to check on Alexis, and Ethan’s going to meet Kristina at the party.

Suzanne meets with Theo, who’s thrilled that the final steps are happening and that Brenda will be made to suffer. Theo is also happy that Sonny will realize he underestimated him and offers to have a toast with her after. Maybe it was just me, but Suzanne didn’t seem as enthusiastic as her husband.

Dante meets with Sonny, who thanks him for putting aside his differences and being his best man. Dante appreciates Sonny’s efforts in reaching out to him and having him be a part of the family, and wishes him well. Michael returns, nervous about what Carly has planned, but Sonny thanks him for accepting Dante and is proud of both his sons.

Spinelli wants to know if Carly spoke with Brenda and wonders if she changed her mind. Carly feels she needs to bring Sonny back to reality. Spin asks about the damage to the kids, and Carly insists she would never hurt them and will try to corner Brenda before the whole thing starts.

Carol catches Shawn checking out the bride’s room, but Suzanne assures her that he’s part of the security team.

Robin and Brenda check out the wedding site and Brenda is still worried. Robin assures her that she’s going to get everything she wanted and to be excited, so as not to miss out on anything. Brenda remembers the last time, when Sonny left her at the altar, but Robin tells her today is about new memories.

Max and Milo are hanging out at Kelly’s looking guilty, so Luke questions them, worried about Sonny’s business messing with his. They tell him to play along and assure him that they would never hurt Carly. Carly arrives and they quickly inform her that she won’t be going to the wedding. Max grabs her and takes her out.

Molly ends up in the office looking for Alexis, when she hears Theo’s voice and hides. Theo’s on the phone with Shawn looking for an update and declares that Brenda will be shocked to discover that he’s the Balkan, which Molly hears.

Spinelli interrupts JaSam to let them know he has the identity of the Balkan.