Lionel Lockridge, Bee Youches!!!! Nicolas Coster Debuts on The Bay

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I swear before the Soap Gods, The Bay is fast becoming the closest thing to a Santa Barbara reunion we're ever going to get! First Lane Davies (ex-Mason, SB) joins the webisoap as Mack, now Nicolas Coster (ex-Lionel) makes his debut as the mayor of Bay City, California, Jack Madison. While Coster has basically appeared on every soap known to man (Young Doctor Malone, The Secret Storm, Another World, Somerset, One Life to Live, As The World Turns) it's his portrayal of one Lionel Lockridge, C.C.'s (Jed Allan) arch rival, Sophia's (Judith McConnell) baby daddy and Augusta's (Louise Sorel) husband/sparring partner, that will forever be etched in this soap nut's memory! Go get 'em, Mayor Jack! Oh and before any smarty party writes it in the comments, I know there other C.C.'s before Allan, but he's the only one I care to remember, so there!


 Also making their first appearances in this webisode are Brody Hutlzer as the mayor's press secretary Kenneth Allen and Marie Wilson in a surprising role. Watch the latest installment of The Bay after the jump!