One Life to Live Recap: A Little More You


Todd: No, there’s no reason for things to get out of hand... since Danielle is never going to see Nate again. And that is not a suggestion; that’s an order.

Todd and Tea’s plans fell through, and Todd is heading home to spend Valentine’s Day with his wife. On his way, he receives a threatening phone call, to which he doesn’t take kindly.

Starr is looking for Ford. James reveals that Ford is Ryder’s father, and Starr sympathizes with Jessica about having a “controlling dad.” James is worried about Starr, and he wants them to be honest with each other.

Nate and Dani enter the Manning house, with Dani still reeling from buying condoms. She’s nervous, but they kiss. Their embrace intensifies and clothing is removed, until Todd walks in. They freak, but Todd is eerily calm and requests a moment with Nate. Nate stupidly asks Todd if Todd is going to do to Nate what he did to Cole. Todd grabs Nate, and slams him into the wall, accusing him of taking advantage of Dani. Frantic, Dani calls Starr.

Starr and James arrive, and demand Todd leave Nate alone. Starr takes Todd to task, insisting that while she doesn’t regret having Hope, Todd’s interference with Cole drove Starr to intimacy before she was ready. Dani is speechless when Todd gives her an order: Nate is off-limits. Back at the apartment, James berates Nate for getting physical with Dani in Todd’s house. Nate and Dani separately vow that they are meant to be together and Todd can’t stop them.

Kelly and John end up in a dive bar. As Kelly peruses the jukebox, a biker leers at her until his girlfriend accuses Kelly of making a play for her man. Kelly insults the couple and walks away. Later, the same flirtations and accusations ensue, and Kelly advises the woman to find a new boyfriend because the current one is “just not that into [her].”

Thinking they’re together, the biker taunts John that Kelly doesn’t respect him and will “cheat with another dude.” John coolly turns around, decks the biker, and orders him out. Kelly thinks she and John are quite a pair, but she worries when the biker returns with a slew of friends.

Natalie and Brody worry about Jessica. Brody has left numerous messages, but hasn’t heard back. Natalie explains that she convinced herself that John was Liam’s father, that Brody was relieved and happy, and that she intended to take the secrets to her grave. She didn’t want to destroy anyone’s lives; she only wanted to give John unprecedented happiness.

Natalie doesn’t know if she would have done things differently had Clint not tampered with Jessica’s test, but she insists Ryder is still Brody’s son in spite of it. Brody isn’t thrilled with Natalie’s actions, but he doesn’t hate her. He owns his portion of responsibility and extends a level of understanding. Brody holds Liam briefly, but Natalie puts Liam to bed. Natalie and Brody call John and Jessica, respectively, but no connections are made.

Tess accuses Ford of staring at her chest, but he thinks Jessica’s not acting like herself. It’s no business of Ford’s, but he claims otherwise given that they share a child. Tess realizes he’s “the coward, Robert Ford.” Ford sleazily wonders if Jessica is seventeen again, but Tess introduces herself and explains that she’s an alter.

Ford is familiar with Tess’ history, and Tess claims that recent events were too much for Jessica. Tess calls Ford on his penchant for seducing young girls, and she shocks him when she explains that Jessica couldn’t remember having sex with Ford because Tess took over during the act. Tess insults Ford’s appearance and his sexual ability, but when he threatens to expose her, Tess bargains that she’s Ford’s only access to Ryder. The Buchanans will paint Ford as “a deadbeat pedophile,” which isn’t too far off in Tess’ opinion, but if Ford plays along, he will see his son.

Blair is charmed when Tomas says he’s there to see her. He was sent by Roxy, and he’s excited about seeing Blair perform, but Blair is without a piano man. Tomas offers to play, and after a brief but amusing audition, Blair gives him the gig with his payment being “a glass of wine with the boss.”

Blair sympathizes with Langston over getting stood up, but Blair isn’t surprised; “Ford is... Ford.” After the performance, Blair and Tomas share a drink, and he’s impressed with how she sings from the heart, whether or not she learned in the shower. Tomas is set to leave Llanview in the morning, and he and Blair share reluctant and bittersweet goodbye.

Langston calls Ford. Tess orders Ford to get rid of her, so he does with virtually no explanation. Tess drags Ford away as Langston exits Capricorn. She’s just in time to witness Ford being spirited away by a blonde.