The Problem With The View's Whoopi Goldberg


Yesterday on The View,Whoopi Goldberg apologized to The New York Times for calling their reporting "shoddy" in reference to an article on black Oscar winners that didn't mention her. She says she found the article "confusing" and was "hurt than neither Cuba Gooding Jr, Louis Gossett Jr, or myself were mentioned" but that she is nevertheless sorry for impugning the credibility of the film critics who wrote the article. It's good that she apologized...except that she's not being completely honest at this point either.

Fact is, Goldberg initially failed to realize that the article was not about listing all the black Oscar winners, and therefore her omission was not an oversight or an insult. She equivocates  "I personally found the article confusing"  when the real issue isn't that the article was confusing (I certainly had no trouble reading and understanding it the first time) but rather that she either 1) didn't read it carefully or 2) became easily offended and refused to examine the situation before making an embarrasing, self-aggrandizing spectacle about it.

It is also disingenious for her to cite the names of other black actors unmentioned in the article, when her original hissy fit had nothing to do with them.  She made a cring-worthy, narcissistic stink about the fact that she was a famous person, everyone knew she had won an Oscar, and how dare they forget it. She even pulled out her Oscar in a petulant display of public wound-licking.

It's fairly obvious that she's only mentioning the names of other ommitted actors now to grant her initial overreaction a nobler motive. She wasn't just upset for herself you see, she was upset on behalf of others as well. Yeah, except she didn't actually mention anyone other than herself until today. Nice try Whoopi.

Ever since she has joined The View,  Goldberg has condescended to guests (especially reality stars) and even her other co-hosts. She makes it blatantly obvious she thinks she's too good for this show, and this week's events perfectly showcased that. She overreacted to something that had nothing to do with black actors, and had everything to do with her own ego. And she used her pulpit to revel in self-pity, even roping in her co-stars who abetted her tantrum and blasted the newspaper along with her (Elisabeth even said she canceled her subscription!) which I guess means none ofthem bothered to read the article either.

This incident has highlighted a glaring problem with the current panel. Goldberg is a very talented actress, and has done many things in show business that she should be proud of, but her tenure on The View is not one of them. It has been filled with self-congratulation, elitism and an inability to relate to her guests and co-stars. It is ironic that Goldberg initally thought this incident reflected a problem with two film critics at The New York Times, when really it just reflected a problem with one host on The View.