CONFIRMED: Soap Opera Weekly Reporting Whitesell OUT at DAYS; Could Pop Up Elsewhere!

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UPDATE: The latest issue of Soap Opera Weekly, on newstands now,  is confirming the news that Chris Whitesell is out at Days of Our Lives. This bums me out something fierce. DAYS is my favorite soap still on the air—which is why I am so hard on it—and Dena Higley is making a mockery out of it. Oh well, at least The Bay could make it's way to TV and my Becky Herbst is still gainfully employed, at General Hospital,so this Friday isn't a total bust.  Here's what Weekly reported:


Days of our Lives confirms that co-head writer Christopher Whitesell, who joined Dena Higley at the helm in 2008, is out. No word yet on whether a new co-pilot will take his place. As for where Whitesell is headed....? Don’t be surprised if he pops up somewhere else!

 I wonder which sudser Whitesell may be heading to?