Holy Hot Deals!! ATI ACQUIRES The Bay; Plans to Shop as Half Hour TV Series!

Proving what can happen when you create and write a soap opera chock full of beloved, veteran performers, and with the fans squarely in mind, TV Guide 's Michael Logan is reporting popular webisoap The Bay has been acquired by Associated Television International (ATI)!

Logan got the exclusive news from ATI's James Romanovich himself. 


"Even though more and more people are gravitating to the web, TV is still the place to reach the widest audience," says Romanovich. "This is a little risky but I'm a huge fan of The Bay and have great respect for Gregori and his cast and crew. They've poured their hearts and souls into this project and I want to help grow them an audience."

According to the report, The Bay's creator Gregori J. Martin will edit the webisoaps into13 half-hour episodes. ATI, which produced the 36th and 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, will then shop the series to cable networks and syndicators. Major props to Martin, as well as his talented cast and crew!  The revolution will be webivised!!!!