One Life to Live Recap: Barbed Wire and Roses


Kelly: We had a hell of a night, didn’t we?

At the dive bar, the biker calls John “Fabio,” and threatens him with a broken beer bottle. Kelly doesn’t see the fairness in an entire posse jumping one man, but they ignore her, and a brawl ensues. John gets schooled, until Kelly fires a gun, threatening to turn all of the bikers into eunuchs if they don’t stop.

At the Minuteman, John admonishes Kelly for hijacking his service weapon, but she couldn’t let him be torn limb from limb. They decide to hide while they sober up because neither wish to face their loved ones. John falls asleep on the couch, but is startled awake by Kelly tending to his wounds. When John leans in suggestively, Kelly’s done being a nurse. She will get another room, but John doesn’t want to be alone. A kiss between the lonely hearts leads to sex.

At the station, Bo and Nora instruct Clint to sign a statement admitting to his crimes, wanting to spare his family a trial. Clint resists, so Nora vows to bury him in court. They are relegated to a “fishing expedition,” so Clint’s attorney, who Bo recognizes as Eddie’s lawyer, advises Bo and Nora to either charge Clint or free him.

As Vimal sits in handcuffs, Rama introduces herself to Tea. Vimal is innocent, and she requests Tea’s help. Though Vimal incriminated himself in a room full of witnesses, Tea is willing to try. She asks for a retainer, but they can’t pay. Tea bows out, but she offers Vimal free advice: keep quiet. Rama has an idea.

Vimal tells Tea about meeting Todd, and Tea is irritated that Todd “talked trash about [her] to a complete stranger.” Clint threatens Vimal, and Tea suggests that Clint’s lawyer might want to prevent his client from intimidating a witness in the middle of the squadroom. Vimal thanks Tea.

Nora is disappointed; she thought they would at least shake up Clint a bit. Bo angrily throws Clint’s file across the room. As Nora picks up the papers, Bo apologizes. Nora indicates that their betrayal of Clint started this chain reaction, but Bo thinks that excuse has expired and Clint must be held accountable.

Joey carries Aubrey into her room. They are about to make love, but Joey doesn’t want an audience. He pulls the second camera from the bedroom thermostat.

Rama arrives, threatening to out Aubrey’s true identity if Aubrey doesn’t pay for Vimal’s lawyer. Aubrey’s tapped, so Rama encourages her to get money from Joey. Joey enters, and they play on his issues with Clint until he offers to pay for Tea’s services; “it’s the least [he] can do.” Later, Joey and Aubrey consummate their marriage.

Nora asks Vimal into Bo’s office, telling Tea to “butt out” as Vimal has been advised of his rights. Bo and Nora have him “dead-to-rights,” but if he signs a statement, they may be able to help. Tea and Rama barge in. Tea is representing Vimal, and he’ll only cooperate if given full immunity.

At Capricorn, Langston tells Blair she was right about Ford; he’s scum. While Blair is sympathetic, she’s believes Ford showed his true nature. When Langston is confused by Tomas’ presence, he introduces himself, and advises her to let Ford explain rather than jumping to conclusions.

Brody’s about to search for Jessica, but Ford shows up at Llanfair to create a distraction while Tess slips into the library. She’s jarred when she hears crying, but she shrugs it off and turns off the baby monitor. She absconds with paperwork before Natalie returns. After throwing out Ford, Brody says that he “hates that guy,” but he can’t leave in case Ford returns.

Outside, Langston calls, but Tess hangs up Ford’s phone. Tess and Ford arrive at the dive bar. Tess hands Ford the envelope; Ryder’s trust fund papers. Tess “[doesn’t] want the kid,” but Ford can have Ryder, and she can get the money. After speaking to Langston, Ford is upset. Though “the human hormone has feelings,” he must buck up; “it’s time to go.”

Blair thanks Tomas for his help, but Langston has suffered a lot, and she needs protection. Tomas suggests Blair is speaking from experience. Langston returns, heartbroken Ford ignored her call. Tomas gives her a rose, reminding her Valentine’s Day is not over yet. Ford calls again, promising to explain and make it up to her, and Langston accepts Ford’s apology.

Clint arrives at Llanfair, apologizing to Brody, and offering to help with Ford. Brody is like a son, but Brody isn’t sure if Clint means a son he wants or doesn’t want. Clint has “so much to make up for,” but Natalie has “no room to judge”; Liam is Brody’s son. Clint is surprised, but non-judgemental. Tess calls Brody pretending to be Jessica. She needs time and is not coming home.