General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Spinelli lets JaSam know that Theo is the Balkan, stating that his DNA matches Alexander’s. Jason realizes that Brenda confessed to Theo about the shooting, so it all makes sense, He feels they need to turn the tables.


Shawn tells Theo he’ll grab Brenda when she’s all alone. Molly moves from under the desk to the corner. Theo calls Suzanne and orders her to meet him for champagne, but she says it would look suspicious if she wasn’t at Brenda’s side. Molly makes a noise, but before Theo has a chance to find her, Alexis arrives, looking for her glasses and Theo walks her out.

Sonny’s happy with his sons. Max and Milo arrive with Carly, and they hide until the men leave, although Sonny sees and approves. Once at the Pavilion, Morgan and Jax arrive. Sonny asks Jax for a truce for one day. Jax agrees, but can’t vouch for Carly. Sonny’s not concerned.

Brenda’s nervous about all the people who are against the wedding and wonders again if something will go wrong. Robin admits the feelings are scary. Brenda wonders if Robin regrets marrying Patrick, but Robin would do everything the same, and loves her daughter. Robin leaves Brenda alone to wrangle the make up person, but before Shawn has a chance to grab Brenda, Robin and Kristina return. Robin confirms that Sonny has shown up.

Lulu is surprised that Ethan is joining them, but he says Kristina invited him. Luke warns him to be careful of Kristina.

Carly’s mad at Max and Milo for grabbing her, saying she’s only looking out for Sonny. Max offers her anything she wants, so she asks for specific pizza, which Milo heads out to get. Carly turns on the flirting for Max and when that doesn’t work, turns on the waterworks, until he turns his back on her. She quickly smacks him over the head with a vase and runs out.

JaSam and Spinelli show up at Theo’s and find Molly, who tells them everything she’s heard. Alexis arrives at the wedding and is surprised to find Molly missing. She calls Sam, who tells her Molly’s with her. JaSam decide to head to the Metro Court and send Spinelli with Molly to the wedding.

Steven and Olivia show up at the wedding, make small talk and flirt. Dante runs into Lulu, who are cutsie with each other. Olivia’s happy that they’re back together.

Ethan comments on how pretty Kristina looks and she’s glad he could come. Luke congratulates Sonny, but lets him know what went down with Carly and Max/Milo. Sonny tells him he had to do it, so that Carly wouldn’t ruin the wedding. Tracy shows up and offers to be nice to Luke. Edward arrives and is concerned something bad will happen.

Robin is surprised to see Patrick, but he says Brenda invited him. She’s happy to see him and admits her wedding was her happiest day.

Alexis makes small talk with Sonny about Jax, but Sonny sees no competition between them. Jax talks with Brenda, who asks him not to be negative, but he only wants to wish her the best. Sonny pops in to tell Brenda he loves her and nothing will get in the way of their future. Molly and Spinelli arrive and Alexis wonders where they were, but they make up an excuse. Jax escorts Alexis to her seat. Spinelli offers Brenda his best wishes. Olivia offers Sonny congratulations and he praises her for the good job she did raising Dante. Sonny tells Steven to take care of Olivia.

Brenda and her girls share their final moments. Kristina gives her Lila’s hankie for something old. Robin gives her a ribbon from her wedding bouquet for her something borrowed. Molly gives her a garter for her something blue.

Suzanne arrives at the Metro Court. Theo’s ready to celebrate, but she still thinks it was a bad idea for her not to be at the wedding. He wonders if she’s gotten sympathetic of Brenda, but Suzanne assures him she wants Brenda to pay for her sins. JaSam find out which room Theo is in and prepare to go inside.

Robin tells Brenda to stay in the room until Jason comes to get her and leaves. Shawn tries to go in, but is interrupted by Carly. The bridesmaids wonder what’s keeping Jason. Robin gets the idea to have Edward walk Brenda down the aisle and goes to get him.

Dante and Sonny wonder what’s keeping Jason.

Carly lets herself into the bride’s room. Brenda wonders what she wants, and Carly tells her to say goodbye.