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One Life to Live Recap: Step By Step

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John: You know, I know what I did and I know why I did it. I wanted to get back at Natalie, and I think if you’re being honest, you wanted to get back at Joey.

Kelly freaks when she wakes up next to John. Kelly’s memory is hazy, but she wants to discuss what happened; John doesn’t. Kelly says John cheated, but John thinks that Joey wouldn’t be too happy either. Kelly doesn’t want to ruin her friendship with John, and she doesn’t want anyone else hurt. John thinks he and Kelly acted out of revenge, but she believes they needed to “hang on to somebody.”

Aubrey wakes up to find a note from Joey. She panics when she reads that he’s gone to see Clint.

At La Boulaie, Dorian reads The Sun’s headline. She’s delighted to learn she was right about Clint, and she vows to bring down Echo. Cutter arrives, looking for Kelly. Joey and Aubrey got married, and he’s worried about Kelly. Dorian doesn’t want to hear it, but she’ll check on Kelly. Aubrey calls Cutter, worried that they’re in trouble. Cutter tells Aubrey to “deal with it.” Dorian returns. Kelly hasn’t been home, and if something happened, Dorian will make Cutter pay.

Echo is worried that Charlie is so quiet, but he’s fretting about cheating on Viki. He hides when Rex knocks on the door. Rex reveals to Echo that Clint switched the paternity test, and Charlie took it hard. No matter how Clint feels, Echo is proud of Rex, and so is Charlie. Rex thinks of Charlie as family, and he asks Echo to call if she sees Charlie.

Clint calls Kelly, desperate for her to answer. Joey arrives; amazed that Kelly threw in with the likes of Clint, and reveals that he married Aubrey. Clint wants to show Joey the original footage, but Joey rails on Clint for denying and plotting against family. Joey knows and loves Aubrey, and that’s that.

Viki and Natalie worry about Charlie and Jessica, and Viki is still beside herself thinking of Clint’s machinations. Natalie feels terribly about her own actions, but Viki is understanding and advises Nat to find John.

Natalie and Price discover that John’s car was impounded from a biker bar. They speak to the bartender, who tells them about the fight and the girl with the gun. He indicates that they may have gone to the Minuteman.

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John advises Kelly not to feel guilty; Joey doesn’t feel guilty about sleeping with his new wife. Kelly slaps John, but apologizes. On her way to the shower, Kelly insists that John loves Natalie and Liam, and they are his future. Natalie arrives, and as she tells John that he has every right to be angry, Kelly walks out of the bathroom wearing only a towel.

After Joey leaves, Aubrey confronts Clint. When he threatens her, she uses his legal problems as leverage. If Clint will keep quiet, Aubrey will talk to her “friend, Rama,” about making Vimal back down. Clint agrees to quid pro quo.

Charlie is apologetic that he made Echo lie to her son. Charlie makes no excuses for his actions, but both admit to having feelings for each other. Alone, Echo finds Charlie’s watch. There’s a knock, and Echo happily thinks it’s Charlie. Instead, it’s Dorian.

Joey arrives at Llanfair, and Viki is shocked he married Aubrey. Joey is happy, so Viki supposes she’s happy for him. Rex arrives and informs Viki that Echo hasn’t seen Charlie. Joey apologizes to Rex for Clint, and insists that he and Rex are family.

Charlie returns home, and Viki runs into his arms. Viki is relieved when Charlie reveals he didn’t drink, but she would’ve understood if he had. She asks him where he was.

Back at The Palace, Joey explains that Clint mentioned “another flash drive,” but Aubrey hopes not. She doesn’t want Clint to see her getting dressed. Joey thinks Clint is just jealous.

Clint tosses the newspaper across the room, but Rex catches it. Clint demands to know why Rex is there, and Rex taunts that he’s home.

Nora and Tea draft an immunity agreement for Vimal. Bo and Nora really want to stick it to Clint, and Tea senses it’s personal. Suddenly, Todd barges into Bo’s office. Bo blasts Todd for his rudeness, sending him back out to “try knocking.”

Tea steps out into the squadroom, irritated that Todd interrupted her work. Todd reveals that Dani is missing, and Tea is certain Todd is to blame. Todd found Nate “sexually assaulting Dani,” but Tea scoffs. Nora overhears, advising Todd to look up “The People vs. Manning, 1993” if he needs the legal definition of rape. Todd blames Nora for Dani’s predicament, because she released Nate from custody. Tea fears Todd assaulted Nate because he hasn’t learned. Tea apologizes to Nora, but she has to leave to attend to a family crisis.

Bo says they were “thisclose.” Nora reminds Bo that Vimal must sign the agreement to avoid conviction. Bo wants to bust Clint regarding Eddie, but Nora thinks they should move one step at a time.