All My Children Spoilers: Liza Tells Colby She Slept With Damon!


Here’s the Scoop!

Tad and Cara...is the engagement the real deal? Jake offers them his “congratulations” and is shocked when his brother says they will get engaged to avoid any problems with immigration. Tad starts spreading the happy news throughout Pine Valley. Krystal doesn’t take it well. Griffin is grateful to Tad, but wants them to agree on what will happen, so they do not get in trouble. Griffin also has some words of advice for Jake. Tad and Cara can’t pull off the engagement if there are still feelings between Jake and Cara.

Amanda tells Jake she called immigration. He is furious that she didn’t trust him. She’ll tell him she called to fix things and that she felt bad. Jake’s anger towards his wife shows and Cara feels responsible. Tad will comfort her.

Liza admits to Colby that she took Damon to bed! Liza attempts to explain what went down, but really, you slept with your daughter’s boyfriend, what could you really say that makes that ok? Asher provides his shoulder to Colby, who will admit that he knew what happened.

Is David the one helping Annie? Is it JR? Ryan wants answers from David and tells the dastardly doc that Annie tried to kill Marissa. In turn, Marissa tells her father she won’t speak to him if he doesn’t start telling them what he knows. David tells them he sent her to a cabin and Marissa tells her dad she still isn’t going to talk to him, they’re done. When Ryan gets to the cabin, Annie and Emma are gone. Did JR help Annie? Ryan thinks so and Marissa plants a bug inside Chandler to help them.

Ryan, Greens and JR all go to Montreal in search of Annie, who is supposed to be checked into a honeymoon suite. JR sets things up with Greens and Ryan waiting in another room. Madison receives a call from Emma telling her that Annie isn’t taking her to the hotel.

Ryan lets Kendall know about the box found in the wreckage of the plane crash. Kendall wants to see it and receives it when she returns home from the hospital. Ricky’s plan is to stick close to Kendall to find out what evidence Zach had. Zach left a letter to be read in case of his ‘untimely death’, shocking Kendall. What is in the letter scares Kendall, but her boys interrupt her and she must stop reading. Ricky takes the last page of Zach’s letter and switches it with another that he just happens to have. Of course, that last page contains all the evidence.

Greenlee suggests that Scott take care of Madison. Scott thinks they should move in together as a way to save money, since Madison is in need of some cash for medical bills. Madison tells Greenlee to stop with the matchmaking. Too late.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Opal slips up and tells Jackson that Erica kissed Caleb. Will Erica quit Cortlandt? Reese wants custody. Jake confides in Tad about how he fell in love with Cara. Erica and Krystal get into it over Jackson and Krystal’s fantasies of being with Jack. Colby starts using her webcam. Griffin thinks it’s time for Kendall to move on from Zach. Greenlee has a deal for David.