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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Edward refuses to walk Brenda down into Sonny’s arms. Robin asks him to put his feelings aside. Molly wonders, again, why Brenda can’t walk herself down the aisle.


Guests wonder about the delay. Steve, Olivia and Patrick discuss whether Brenda is doing the leaving at the altar this time. Brook and Nik discuss how some people aren’t meant to last. Luke reminds Tracy that at the very least, he showed up for their wedding. Alexis asks Jax about Carly’s whereabouts. Lulu questions Spinelli’s knowledge. Morgan and Michael wonder what their mother is up to.

Jason and Sam break into the hotel room to find it empty, but with a note from the Balkan that vengeance is his. Jason realizes that Shawn is in on it.

Brenda insists that she and Sonny are getting married, but Carly wonders how long Sonny will love her when he finds out she had a baby with Dante and shows her the legal document. Brenda wonders why she’s not letting the secret out during the ceremony, but Carly claims she doesn’t want to hurt her kids. Brenda reminds Carly that she slept with her mother’s husband and has done her share of crap. Carly tells her to slink out of town and she’ll keep the secret. Brenda walks out, leaving Carly behind.

Sonny questions what’s happening and is told that Jason is nowhere to be found and Robin tried to get Edward to do the job. Sonny tries to convince Edward, who’s not interested.

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Non-wedding related: Lush gets Meghan out and to their hotel. Meghan lets them know all she knows about the Balkan, including the fact that he has a wife. Lucky tells her she needs to disappear for her safety. Meghan wants Siobhan to join her, and Lucky agrees.

Johnny summons Lisa and tells her to take her clothes off for him, but as soon as she starts, he stops her, saying he doesn’t want to be like Sonny, and treat her like Sonny treated Claudia. He tells her that Claudia degraded herself and Lisa needs to respect herself. Lisa claims he doesn’t know Patrick, but he tells her Patrick loves Robin and she needs to stop. Johnny says, as crazy as Claudia was she still loved him and was there for him, where as, he wasn’t for her. Lisa tells him to forget saving her and they start making out.

Back at the wedding, Robin tells Carly to back off, but she heads to her seat. JaSam arrive. Sam tells Molly that the Balkan was not caught, but not to worry. Sam takes her seat with Jax and Alexis, but notices Shawn lurking.

Molly walks down the aisle, hugs Sonny and waves to her mother. Kristina walks down, hugs her father and smiles at Ethan. Robin smiles at Patrick before walking down and telling Sonny how happy she is that her friends have re-found each other. Jason asks Brenda if she’s sure about this, and she is.

Jason walks Brenda down the aisle and then notices that Sam is missing from her seat. Shawn heads back to the hotel, trying to get Theo on the phone. Sam finds him, but he grabs her. Jason arrives to try and save the day.

Morgan welcomes Brenda into the family on behalf of all of his siblings (does the show realize Molly’s not a Corinthos, since she was included in the group). The priest goes through his speech and then says that if anyone shows just cause to object, they should do so now. Eyes turn to Carly, who reaches into her purse for the paper, but a crying Brenda apologizes to Sonny and then says she has to object.