General Hospital Spoilers: A Wedding, Gunfight And Explosion!


Here’s the Scoop!

The Wedding will go on! Despite the Bride’s own objection and the ex-wife’s determination to derail all things Sonny and Brenda, Sonny professes his love for his fiancé and the pair says “I Do” after Brenda and Dante explain everything. What will Carly say when Sonny wants answers at the reception? Jax wants Carly back, but realizes his marriage is over. Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos take to the dance floor for their first dance.

At the wedding… Kristina and Ethan have a dance while Michael is pleased when Abby joins the party. They too will have a spin around the dance floor. Luke congratulates Carly for her good old college try of attempting to stop the wedding and tells his niece he's up to teaching her more of his tricks. Nikolas and Brook have a heart to heart about regrets.

Dante wants to once again mend things with Lulu, but Tracy stands in his way. When he comes to her apartment, Lulu throws and lands a punch. Dante tells Lulu it is entirely his fault that all the lies and secrets have left her heart broken.

Toasts… are made by Robin and Sonny’s brood. As Sonny and Brenda depart, KABOOM! Jason is in the middle of a gunfight and he barely makes it out alive. There's an ambush involving Jason, Shawn and Sam that has Sam being bested by Theo. A wounded Shawn takes Carly as his hostage in her own guesthouse. It’s Jason to the rescue, again, as he “storms” in to save Carly.

With the limo blown sky-high and Brenda presumably in it… everyone is a mess. Sonny and Jax are of course grieving. Robin has lost her friend and Edward has once again lost someone he considered family. Ethan takes Molly, Kristina and Morgan home and away from what has just happened. Sonny is a wreck and Michael seems to be the only one who can calm him. When Franco calls Jason, Sonny realizes the body is not Brenda. Lulu arrives to be there for Dante, regardless of how she feels.

All along… Theo is plotting his revenge as his chances to grab Brenda are missed. Are Franco and the Balkan a team? Brenda winds up in Theo’s clutches, whose grief and revenge for both his son and grandchild are still very present. Will Brenda get away?

Shawn… did he stay on Team Corinthos-Morgan? Looks like it, as the Balkan sends someone after him. Shawn will have a near miss with one of the Balkan’s assassin’s while at GH. Does Molly know who came after Shawn?

Michael… should he choose the angel or the devil on his shoulder? Always wanting to follow in dear old dad’s footsteps, Michael tells Abby he’s now conflicted between the mob life and the letter of the law. Dante and Jason both want Michael to stay out of the biz.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Sonny wants answers from Shawn, by torture if necessary. Kristina catches the bouquet and teases Ethan that one day they’ll be married. Is she just teasing? Lucky wants Siobhan to marry him for a green card, when she has trouble getting back into the US. He tells her things would have been over between him and Liz even if Aiden were his son. Lisa is losing control of Terrell. Something has Liz wondering if Lucky is Aiden’s father. Is Sam sick? Kristina sees her taking a turn for the worse. Patrick tells Robin he loves her and just how much, as the two get closer. Nikolas tries to get the courage to tell Brook his feelings.