One Life to Live Spoilers: Tomas is Tea's Brother!


A family tie, a fight, and a race to the wedding chapel o' love will turn things upside down in Llanview. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of February 21.


Natalie/John/Kelly: Natalie will quickly realize that John and Kelly had sex. Natalie will not be happy and leave The Minuteman. Natalie goes back to Llanfair and will inform Joey of what just happened. Joey will have a less than stellar reaction, which will surprise Natalie. She will wonder why Joey cares about what Kelly is doing. Joey and Natalie are going to talk greasy about Kelly and John.

A little later, a remorseful Kelly will try to offer Natalie a slice of pie and a note as a peace offering. Kelly will attempt to sneak out of the kitchen unnoticed, but Joey will catch her. The two will get into it about her one night stand with John. Meanwhile, John is going to pop up at Llanfair to see Liam only. Natalie will think otherwise and John will shut her down. However, the former couple will have a special moment with Liam, but John will once again let Natalie know his anger is still present. An upset Kelly will get a friend hug from John, which Joey will see. Joey will not be able to control his emotions while viewing the hug and attack John. Will Joey ever find his brain and admit he has feelings for Kelly?

Rex will let Clint have it for everything he's done to him. Rex will follow up tearing Clint a new one by threatening to tell everyone about David. Clint doesn't flinch an inch to Rex’s threat and will tell the P.I. to go ahead and tell everyone he can find. Clint will finish his dare by saying he isn't sorry for changing the paternity test. Will Rex make good on his threat?

Dorian/Echo/Viki: Dorian will pay Echo a visit and claim that Echo knew Clint was Rex's father the whole time. Echo will deny knowing the information and almost admit to sleeping with Charlie. Dorian is going to catch on to Echo's slip, but keep it to herself. Dorian will leave and head to Viki's. Viki is going to tell Dorian about Charlie's disappearing act. Dorian will believe he was with Echo, but not tell Viki. After she leaves, Dorian will call Echo and inform her that she's hot on her trail of lies. Later on, Echo will run into a drunk John and give him some advice. Will Dorian get proof of Echo and Charlie's secret?

Aubrey/Cutter/Rama: Aubrey and Cutter are not going to be happy with Rama's threat. They will try everything in their power to reason with her. Can Aubrey and Cutter find a way to compromise with Rama?

Starr will break the news to Langston that Ryder is Ford's son. Langston will be shocked by the news. Langston is going to tell Starr about the blonde bimbo she saw leaving with Ford, and Starr will figure out that it was Tess. Langston will talk to Brody and devise a plan of her own. Will Langston’s plan be successful?

Brody/Tess/Ford: Brody is going to discover that Tess is back. As he tells Viki and Clint the news, Tess and Ford will be planning to head to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding. Langston goes to see Brody and will tell him that she saw Ford and Tess together. Ford will not be happy about ignoring Langston and wants to tell her the truth. Tess will tell Ford to keep quiet or else. Back in Llanview, Brody will receive a clue from his police connections about Ford and Tess' location. Brody is going to travel to Las Vegas to try and stop the wedding, not knowing that Langston is doing the same. Will Brody and Langston stop the wedding?

Tomas/Blair: Blair will bump into Tomas. The two small talk and Tomas will be very interested when Blair tells him her ex is very happily married to Tea Delgado. Tomas will soon leave and Blair will be curious about their conversation. Will Blair dig into why Tomas was interested in Tea?

Todd/Tea/Dani: Todd and Tea will look for Dani at La Boulaie and find James. James is going to purposely give them false information. James will inform Starr of the real deal about Nate and Dani hiding out at Viki's cabin. The two will go to the cabin to meet with the young couple. Meanwhile, Todd and Tea will continue to bicker about how Todd reacted to Dani and Nate's almost sexual encounter. Dani will call Tea and let her know where she is and that she is keeping away to teach Todd a lesson.

When Tea sees Todd, she will not tell him about her phone call with Dani. Todd leaves and Tea will wonder if she made the right decision. Someone knocks at the door and Tea will be floored by who is standing in the doorway, her brother, Tomas! It turns out; Tomas abandoned their family a very long time ago. Tomas will beg Tea to break up with Todd. Todd returns and will not be happy to see Tomas in his house. Todd and Tomas are not going to along at all. Later on, Tea will confess to Todd that Dani called. Todd's mood will go from bad to worse. Is it trouble in paradise for Todd and Tea?

Jack/Shane/Matthew: Jack will be revealed as Shane's bully and will continue to torment poor Shane. Shane is going to try to get Matthew to help him, but will be unsuccessful. How will Shane find the courage to stand up to Jack?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (February 28):

  • Viki searches for an ally
  • Wendy Williams guest stars as Phyllis Rose of "Access Llanview"
  • Eddie's true murderer is revealed
  • Blair finds out about Tomas and Tea's connection
  • Rex spills the beans about David
  • John visits Marty

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