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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor Makes A Pact With The Devil!

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Victor/Adam: The Black Knight goes to Adam for a deal. He offers to save Sharon if Adam throws himself under the bus in regards to any shady dealings at Newman concerning his siblings' trusts. Don't look for it to work though. RUMOR has it The Mustache is about to lose...big time!


The couple continues pursing a relationship despite Nikki's family and friends objecting to it. Meanwhile, Deacon continues to wonder if or when Meggie will blow him out of the water. When Nikki learns the truth don't be surprised if she ties one on that would make both

Charlie Sheen


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Lindsay Lohan

say "DAYUM"!

Chance: The detective rips into Chloe and Heather (boy stop!).

Phyllis/Diane: Big Red keeps knit-picking at Diane.

Michael: The legal eagle begs Nick to reconsider his stance in the lawsuit.

Nick: The Newman heir finds out about his father's deal with Adam. Nick decides to pull a "Victor" and make his own deal with his black sheep brother. Nick's side deal with Adam changes the game for everyone.

Neil/Sofia: Lily reveals to her dad she's scared she may be losing her grip on reality. Sofia listens in on the widow Ashby's confession and talks to her about losing a loved one herself. Neil is moved by Sofia reaching out to his daughter. Later, he tells Malcolm he believes he may have overreacted with Sofia regarding Cane's lies, but Mal tells Neil to mind his business. Neil and Sofia dish all about her issues with Mal and the two start to kiss! Neil and Sofia end up sleeping together! Afterwards, Sofia is left confuses about her feelings for the Winters brothers, but must put it all on hold when Malcolm arrives!

Daniel/Lily: The struggling artists continues to give Lily a shoulder to lean on.

Katherine: The grand dame attempts to stir up a little trouble in Jill and Colin's marriage.

Jana: She is shocked when Ryder returns to Genoa City. Jana also must say goodbye to her relationship with Kevin. Look for Jana's fragile grip on reality to lessen in the coming weeks.