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One Life to Live Recap: Man of Principle

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Natalie: Fine. You, uh, you want to sit here and stew, go ahead. Sit here. Tell yourself that you don’t have anything or anyone. And you know what? Do it long enough, maybe it’ll come true! I’m going home to our son.

Natalie discovers Kelly in a towel. Kelly tries to explain, but John says she doesn’t have to. John insists he doesn’t owe anything to Natalie, and defiantly reveals that he slept with Kelly. Natalie is upset that John had sex with someone else on his “wedding night,” but John isn’t married and he doesn’t have a son. Once dressed, Kelly sincerely apologizes to Natalie before leaving.

John thinks his night with Kelly is similar to Natalie’s with Brody, but Natalie says there’s a big difference. Natalie was single, whereas now, John has a fiancée and a baby. John yells at Nat that she has to get it through her “thick skull” that Liam is not John’s child. John thinks his life with Natalie is all a lie, but Natalie knows it isn’t. She vows not to give up on their family, but John is through with Natalie. Exasperated, she leaves, but not before blasting John for wallowing.

After taunting Clint that he’s home, Rex demands to know why Clint lied to Charlie. Clint’s low opinion of Rex is unwavering, but Charlie wanted Rex and Shane, so Clint gave him that. Rex made mistakes in the past, but he’s changed considerably thanks to Bo. What’s Clint’s excuse?

Rex insists Shane doesn’t deserve this upheaval, and Clint agrees. Clint thinks Shane is a “good kid,” and he admits to being a perfect stem cell match for Shane. Rex is shocked to realize Clint has known the truth for two years. Clint is “no father” of Rex’s, and Rex vows to keep Shane far away from him, though Rex thanks Clint for linking him to Natalie and Bo biologically. Rex taunts that he’s going to tell Bo about Clint imprisoning David.

Dorian is certain Echo conned Rex and Charlie, knowing Echo would sacrifice Rex to snag Charlie. When Echo takes issue with Dorian's delight, Echo insists Charlie is devastated. Seeing as Echo claims to have not seen Charlie, Dorian wonders how Echo knows Charlie’s state of mind. Echo quickly tells Dorian that Rex visited and filled in the details for her.

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When Echo attempts to oust her, Dorian spots Charlie’s watch on Echo’s wrist. To throw off and throw out Dorian, Echo shrieks that a cockroach got into Dorian’s purse.

Outside Echo’s room, Dorian bumps into Kelly. Dorian wonders why Kelly didn’t come home, and Kelly admits to not being alone. Dorian thinks Kelly was with a random barfly, and she promises to do damage control.

Charlie apologizes to Viki for being out all night, but before he can divulge his whereabouts, Brody enters, hoping Jessica came home. There’s been no sign of Jessica anywhere, and Viki begs Brody to find her.

Roxy enters Foxy Roxy’s to discover the place trashed and all of the cash stolen. A hysterical Roxy shows up at Llanfair; Foxy Roxy’s was “buggered.” Brody is sympathetic that Roxy was burglarized, but he has to find Jessica. He reveals no one got married, and Liam is his son. Roxy is astounded. She removes tulle from her bag, and Brody recognizes the fabric. He drags Roxy back to the salon, and as Roxy freaks out, Brody sees the mirror and comes to a terrifying conclusion.

Charlie is confused, and Viki reveals that a remorseless Clint tampered with Jessica’s paternity test, which snowballed into Natalie’s secret being ousted as well. Brody wasn’t aware that he is Liam’s father, and Natalie intended to keep the secret forever. Viki dealt with the press all night, but at three-o-clock in the morning, everything stopped, and the silence was worse.

Charlie tries to comfort Viki, but she resists. She’s heartbroken Charlie didn’t come to her, and allowed her to worry all night, but she’s relieved he wasn’t with Echo. Brody returns and interrupts. Charlie sees a voicemail from Echo, who fondly recalls their night and informs him that she has his watch. Brody gives Viki terrible news: Tess is back.

In Vegas, Ford stops Tess from drinking, refusing to allow her to hurt Jessica’s body. He begs her to think of Ryder, but Tess feels no connection; Ryder is “[Ford’s] and Jessica’s messy little accident.” Ford tries to call Jessica’s family, but Tess stops him. They will lock up Tess, and sue Ford for custody. Clint’s team will make Ford “look like a pedophile,” so if he wants Ryder, he needs to stick with Tess. Ford wants to phone Langston, but they only have a small window of time, so they have to do what they came to do: get married.

At La Boulaie, Starr wants to know about Langston’s date. Ford blew her off for “some skank,” only telling her that “something came up.” Starr shows Langston the newspaper; Ford is a father. Langston is shocked, but curious about the girl. Starr wonders if Ford was with Jessica, but Langston insists Jessica doesn’t dress like a slut. Starr realizes with recent devastating events, Jessica may have split into Tess. Ford being with Tess makes less sense to Langston.