Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Philip Discovers Kate and Melanie's Scheme!


Philip: He saves Chloe before she can harm herself. Later, Philip gets proof Kate and Melanie are working together to destroy the songbird. Philip decides to reunite Chloe with baby Parker.

Victor: The Kiriakis patriarch decides to go after Brady. He als puts his foot down with Philip.

Abby: Ms. Devereaux learns Daniel is the doctor who saved Jennifer.

Nicole/EJ/Taylor: As EJ and Nicole get ready to walk down the aisle once again, he's preoccupied with thoughts of his mystery woman. Even though EJ can't stop thinking about the woman from the pier, he still has feelings for Nicole and vice versa. Nicole is on cloud nine about getting everything she's always wanted, including a relationship with her sister Taylor. Meanwhile, Taylor is also caught up in her thoughts regarding the man with no name she met on the pier. Everyone gets into place for EJ and Nicole to once again get hitched. As Taylor walks down the aisle, she spots EJ and is gobsmacked on his identity.

EJ is also taken aback when he realizes Taylor is Nicole's baby sister. Nicole observes their expressions and wonders what the devil is up, but EJ and Taylor downplay their shocked looks. With the awkwardness over, the wedding proceeds.  Taylor faints during the event with EJ catching her in his arms. Once the ceremony is over, EJ and Taylor talk privately about everything with it all being witnessed by Nicole. Nicole wonders what is up with the two, but brushes it all off since it is her wedding day. Taylor struggles with the knowledge the man she's enamored with is her brother-in-law . She wants Nicole to be happy, but also wants true love for herself. EJ is also in a bit of a pickle with the entire situation. On his wedding night to Nicole, he becomes a bit gun shy on sealing the deal with his new bride.

Taylor: She continues to bust Brady's chops.

Stefano: The Phoenix comes to the conclusion that Rafe must go, permanently.

Chad: The long lost DiMera starts to bond with EJ and Johnny.

Sami: She starts to wonder what exactly is going on with "Rafe." Sami goes to Stephanie for some help.

Daniel: The good doctor breaks down when his name is removed from Parker's birth certificate.

Melanie: She is taken to the hospital  to have some test done. Melanie lets Philip know their marriage is dead.