General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Sonny wonders why Brenda’s objecting and she says if she doesn’t, Carly will. Brenda says she and Dante had an affair and a baby and Carly admits to having the proof. Sonny is blindsided, but Dante steps forward and admits that they never had an affair and the baby was Alexander’s. Carly tries to get Sonny to think it’s a lie, but he tells her to shut it or leave. Brenda says she lied by omission and that she’s not good enough for Sonny, and that she’s sorry she hurt and disappointed him. She tells him she never stopped loving him and starts to walk away. Sonny stops her, tells her he made a mistake leaving her at the altar before, and that maybe they needed those years apart. He tells Brenda he won’t leave her, has already forgiven her and still wants to marry her.


Jason convinces Shawn to release Sam, but doesn’t know where to find Theo. Shawn insists he wasn’t about to kill anyone, just grab Brenda, but wasn’t able to because people kept interrupting. Diane arrives, originally upset to see Jason with a gun in her office, since she can’t be exposed to the criminal element. Jason tells her about Theo, and she’s upset that she was duped. Jason asks her to go through whatever information she has to try and find where Theo would be hiding out.

At the hospital, Liz, Monica and Terrell are discussing a case. Later on, Liz has Aiden and Monica comments on how much he looks like baby pictures of Lucky. Liz talks to Epiphany about the possibility of Lucky being the father. Pif reminds her that two tests were done and Nik is the father. Liz mentions Helena hanging around, but Pif doesn’t understand why Helena would switch the results.

Lucky’s on his way back to the States, when Siobhan shows up, because she’s decided she wants to come back with him. After much back and forth, Lucky accepts it. However immigration stops Siobhan because her visa has expired. Lucky pulls out his badge and claims Siobhan is a witness. She is allowed to leave, but told she only has a month.

Suzanne finds her way to Theo’s lair and is upset that his identity has been exposed. She tells him the plan to grab Brenda will surely fail. Theo wonders if she’s gotten too close and now feels sympathy for Brenda, but Suzanne reminds him that Alexander was her son too. Theo gets a call that the wedding has gone on, but that Brenda revealed her pregnancy. Theo wonders if Suzanne knew any about the pregnancy. Suzanne tells him that she knew Brenda was pregnant and that she was sick in Africa, but that Brenda told her she’d miscarried. Theo’s upset that she didn’t tell him, but more angry with Brenda for not only taking away his son from him, but also his grandson.

Sonny and Brenda say their vows and tears fill the room, except in Carly's eyes.

Suzanne decides to head back to the wedding. Theo tells her to be prepared to act quickly and that she’ll know what to do. Jason takes Shawn back to the penthouse. Shawn wants to make a deal and disappear. Shawn calls Theo to set up a meeting at the Pine Barrens. Theo realizes that Shawn has gone over to the other side and tells Suzanne it’s a perfect opportunity for an ambush.