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One Life to Live Recap: Don't Blame Me

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Viki: When you tear away at her reality, when you take away what she holds most dear, she is at risk, and that’s what you did to her!

Viki is resistant to a Tess resurgence, but Brody has evidence and Viki is resigned. Brody blames himself, but Viki insists there’s blame to go around. She trusts Brody to protect Jessica, and she leaves to see Clint.

Rex vows to tell Bo about David. Clint points out that while Clint may have put David in prison, Rex left him there. Rex believes neither he nor Bo could’ve exacted David’s release, but he’s shocked to realize Clint manufactured the charges against David.

Clint insists Bo didn’t want David for a son, so Clint did what Bo’s morality wouldn’t allow. By Rex keeping quiet for personal gain, he’s no better than Clint. Rex promises he’s nothing like Clint, but Clint taunts that Bo won’t see it that way. Rex gets a call about Shane, and Clint encourages Rex not to rock the boat because Shane needs his father.

Viki storms in, blasting Clint for destroying Jessica. Clint stands by his actions until Viki reveals that Tess has returned. Viki demands Clint use all of his “sneaky little people” to find Jessica. Clint collapses on the arm of the couch. He doesn’t understand how this happened; Jessica’s strong. Viki thinks Jessica is susceptible to anyone perpetuating a fantasy. Clint blames Brody, but Viki accuses him of “passing the buck.” Clint vows to find Jessica, but Clint’s word “doesn’t mean a damn thing” to Viki anymore.

Langston arrives at Llanfair to speak to Viki. Brody accuses her of being there on Ford’s behalf, but Langston thinks she saw Ford with Jessica. Jessica looked “trashy,” and that confirms for Brody that Tess is back. Brody decides to track Ford via his credit cards and phone calls. Tess is dangerous; Langston must warn Ford.

In Vegas, Ford thinks Tess’ plan is sick, but Tess advises, “Stop thinking. You don’t have the equipment.” As Ford resists, Tess explains that Ford will become her next of kin, gaining access to Ryder and having control over whether or not Jessica gets committed. He wants to call Langston, but Tess refuses. The marriage is only an arrangement; there’s no touching allowed. Ford defends his sexual prowess, but Tess thinks “little girls” can’t discern good sex. When Ford reminds Tess that he lives in the real world unlike her, Tess threatens him using Ryder and Ford backs down. Langston calls. Tess orders Ford to ignore it, but Ford answers.

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At the diner, Rama meets Aubrey and Cutter, telling them that Vimal has an immunity agreement on the table. They insist Vimal can’t sign. The deal guarantees Vimal’s safety from jailtime, but not from Clint. Clint will use his vast resources, and Vimal and Rama will be “as good as dead.” B.E. stock is plummeting, and Clint’s conviction would cause B.E. to go under; Vimal will be a target with no job. Vimal must take the fall for Clint, while trusting in Tea to minimize his sentence. Rama agrees, but she demands a payout, and she wants it in writing.

Todd and Tea arrive at La Boulaie, and Jack mouths off to Todd on his way out the door.  Todd isn't impressed.  Todd then orders Starr to tell him where Dani is. Starr is completely in the dark, but as Todd rails, Starr defiantly says she’d talk to Tea, not Todd, if she knew Dani’s whereabouts. Todd insults Starr regarding being a pregnant teen, and Starr tells Tea the truth of Todd’s recent actions towards Nate. Tea launches into a Spanish tirade.

In the school gym, Destiny sympathizes with Matthew’s family woes. Matthew defends Clint, believing his uncle was only protecting the family. Destiny calls Matthew on his attitude, but wants to discuss their kiss. Matthew has “too much on [his] mind.”

Shane reads a comic book until bullies rip it away. They grab his inhaler, and spray out the contents. Shane begs for the items to be returned, but they only tease him more.

Jack arrives, yelling at the bullies for taunting Shane without him. As Jack pins Shane to the wall, Matthew walks by, and Shane calls out to his cousin. Matthew blows him off, and Jack mocks Shane for overestimating Matthew’s investment. Jack goads Shane into hitting him, but he ducks, and Shane punches another kid as the principal approaches.

In class, Gigi shows Cristian Shane’s artwork, and Cris is very impressed. Cristian asks how Shane’s dealing with the new revelations, and Gigi says she worries about Shane struggling. She receives a call from Shane’s principal.

After springing Shane from the principal’s office, Rex and Gigi ask about the fight, but Shane refuses to talk. Rex says hello when Matthew walks past, but Matthew ignores him. Shane thinks Matthew hates them just like Clint does. Shane eyes a threatening note.

At LU, James and Michelle talk. She’s fine with him and Starr, and she reminds him that they’re friends. Starr calls, and Michelle tells him to answer.

Todd and Tea have checked everywhere, and they ask Starr to call James. When she does, James plays dumb. Todd thinks talking to Starr was “a waste of time,” and storms out. Tea apologizes. She’s worried about Dani because, like Todd, Dani isn’t smart when she’s angry. James sneaks in through the patio. He lied about knowing where Dani and Nate are.