Perez Hilton: "C'mon, ABC, Do We Really Need More Talk Shows? Really?"

Celeb blog pioneer Perez Hilton has picked up my Special Report on the major decisions ABC Daytime is reportedly set to make regarding its lineup in the coming weeks, and the admitted soap fan isn't happy about the possibility of talk shows replacing our stories!


It's sad to think that even more longtime soaps will be getting the axe. C'mon, ABC, do we really need more talk shows? Really?

You'd think with soaps having a nice gust of PR wind of late, what with James Franco guesting on General HospitalWendy Williams and Kourtney Kardashian visiting One Life to Live and All My Children's Susan Lucci crossing over to Hot In Cleveland—not to mention mainstream love from the likes of Oprah and Perez—someone at the Mouse House would be able to figure out how to make the soaps viable again, as opposed to fast tracking talk shows. 

I say they bring someone in from Telemundo or Univision to consult for ABC's soap lineup. How is it than Latin American telenovelas are booming right here in the good 'ol U.S of A., but our soaps are dying on the vine? Something's gotta give!

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