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General Hospital: Perkie's observations

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The priest declares the couple Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Corinthos and everyone applauds as the happy couple walks down the aisle. Robin congratulates her friends. Brook Lynn mentions Lois being sad she missed it. Molly is beyond gleeful. Lulu tries to avoid Dante. Carly assures Michael that she’s fine. Jax snarks out Carly, who claims he’s disappointed her plan didn’t work. Olivia wonders if she’s a grandmother, but Dante insists he never slept with Brenda.


Suzanne decides to head back to the reception, while Theo plans to meet with Shawn, despite knowing that it’s a set up.

Sam’s not happy with the plan, feeling Shawn will turn on Jason, but Jason’s willing to take that risk. Jason wants Sam to head back to the wedding, but she feels he needs back up. He wears her down and she agrees to go, but warns him to be okay.

Maxie and Johnny run into each other at Jake’s and he wonders why she’s not at the wedding. She’s didn’t want to go since she’s not a fan of Brenda’s and had no desire to watch Spinelli drool. Johnny wonders if she’s jealous, but she says she only feels regret and is with Matt now. Talk turns to Lisa. Johnny defends her and Maxie wonders what that’s about. Johnny explains that he sees a similarity with Claudia, but Maxie lists Lisa’s sins. Lisa overhears and tells Maxie to shut it or regret it. Maxie stands up to Lisa, tells her she’s not afraid of her and reminds Johnny that Lisa is crazy. Matt shows up, defends Maxie, and warns Lisa to back off or she’ll be dealing with him. Lisa snarks out Johnny who claims he did defend her, which brings a smile to Lisa’s face.

Lisa says she was looking for him and Johnny jokes that she’s stalking him. She says she didn’t want him to be alone, because of his feelings for Sonny. Maxie wonders why Johnny would be interested in Lisa and Matt reminds her that the syringe was never found. Maxie figures out that Johnny must have the syringe and wants Matt’s help in finding it.

Edward tells Brenda she should have come to him when she was in trouble. Carly tells Spinelli that she tried to save Sonny, but he chose to get married anyway. Luke congratulates the couple and Sonny realizes that Luke knew what Carly was planning, but that he wasn’t paying attention. Tracy wonders why Luke didn’t tell Lulu anything. Luke states he’s determined not to mess in his adult children’s love life and figures Lulu will find her way back into Dante’s arms.

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Lulu questions why Carly didn’t tell her, but Carly asks if she would have believed it. Molly gushes some more. Brenda thanks Spinelli for hiring the wedding planner. Spinelli congratulates the couple. Robin and Patrick reminisce about their wedding day and Patrick wonders if Robin regrets it. She doesn’t, but she’s also not ready to get back together with him.

Ethan explains his million dollar non-marriage to Kristina. Steven wonders if Olivia has recovered from almost grandmother hood. Tracy's ready to take bets on how long the marriage will last. Edward's worried about Brenda’s safety. Tracy says she’s concerned about Lulu, but Edward feels she can take care of herself. Jax offers Brenda his congratulations. Sonny wonders if Carly is leaving, but she’s waiting for cake. Sonny wonders why she didn’t tell him about the document, but Carly says she told Brenda and asked her to leave. Carly insists she only wants Sonny’s happiness.

Morgan’s happy that Brenda is his new stepmother. Suzanne apologizes to Brenda and hopes they’ll be friends again. Luke wonders if Sonny has forgiven Carly, who admits that in the past, he wouldn’t have been able to get over a secret like this, but now all he wants to do is be with Brenda.

Dante figures that Carly really hates him for sending Michael to prison, but she says she did it to save Sonny, and that if Lulu breaks up with him, than it’s a side benefit. Carly wonders how Luke could have allowed Max and Milo to grab her. He knew she could take care of herself and tells her she should find her inner Spencer and learn the con game.

Lulu takes off and Tracy tries to stop Dante from going after her. Michael’s surprised to see Abby, who says Sonny invited her and mentions a job interview that fell through once they found out about the stripping. Sonny questions Olivia about Dante’s whereabouts and while she’s happy for Sonny, she reminds him that the secret has cost Dante more.

Sonny and Brenda have their first dance. Molly asks Morgan to dance, Carly asks Edward, Robin asks Patrick and Abby asks Michael. Dante shows up at Lulu's and she punches him in the face.

Shawn wants Jason to let him walk, but he won’t. Jason tells Shawn not to turn on him or he’ll take him out. Suddenly, shots are fired at them. Sam gets into her car to find Theo waiting for her! Seriously, she didn’t see the giant bald man in her backseat.