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General Hospital Spoilers: Brook Lynn and Nikolas Hit The Sheets!


Here’s the Scoop!

Where’s Brenda? How did they pull off the car going sky high? Dante begins investigating. Sonny wants to torture Shawn who is being nursed back to health by Carly. Jason gets another call from Franco. What was his role in the car explosion and is he teamed up with the Balkan? Brenda wakes up and finds herself with the man who has been trying to grab her. Will Theo turn on Suzanne?

Sonny, the mob boss that he is, wants to torture Shawn into telling him everything that he knows. Will he actually do it with his kids as a witness? Carly and Michael both try to stop him, but it’s Dante who will get through to him. Michael offers to stand by his dad’s ‘by any means necessary’ approach to finding Brenda while Dante wants to do things the legal way.

Theo wants answers from Brenda. Starting with what happened to his grandchild. Suzanne wants to know where her husband is keeping Brenda. Theo learns from Brenda that his wife was their when their grandchild was stillborn. Will Brenda get away from her captor? Mrs. Corinthos takes off through the woods.

What’s wrong with Sam? She can’t hear. Jason sticks close as Sam gets tests done to see if her loss of hearing will be permanent. Alexis and her girls are there to support Sam as she recovers. Kristina bears witness to Sam having a setback. Will Sam’s ailment and collapse remind Kristina of how Ally died after the bus crash? Sam will make a full recovery leading to some JaSam romance in her hospital bed.

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Nikolas and Brooklyn hit the sheets! Before the lovemaking goes down, Nikolas will tell Brook how he feels about her to which she returns his affections. As things heat up, Nikolas leaves. Why? Well Nikolas tells Lucky that he feels a certain obligation to give it one more shot with Elizabeth. Will there be a Brook Lynn – Lizzie Webber cat fight? Nikolas’ sense of obligation passes as he takes Brook Lynn to bed.

Elizabeth can’t get her hunch out of her head. As she looks at pictures, Liz can’t help but think that Aiden could be Lucky’s son. She’ll put in another DNA test and there is no Helena in sight to mess with it. Will Lucky finally get his son?

Are they revisiting the Kristina-Ethan story? We’re definitely getting the crush part again. Kristina has her whole future with Ethan all planned out. Her crush escalates and she’s still not a fan of Michael dating Abby. A little hypocritical isn’t it?

Will the assassin sent after Shawn have any information? Sonny and Dante hope so. Molly recognizes the goon sent after Shawn and Michael steps in to take on the attacker. Things don’t go well as Michael is held at gunpoint. Dante arrives and takes the assassin into custody. Can Sonny and Dante work together?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Does Brenda get away? After her escape, Theo injects her with a neurotoxin. All I can say please Lord, not again. Just like his video game, Jason is less than thrilled to be a character in Spinelli’s book. Luke and Sonny talk about having sons who are cops. Maxie wants to take Lisa down. Terrell asks Robin to be his partner on an AIDS grant proposal. Is Jax going for custody? Luke offers to help Caroline blackmail her soon-to-be ex. Breaking and entering is so unbecoming for two doctors, but when Robin and Patrick need information to take down Lisa, they break into Johnny’s.