One Life to Live Recap: Stop Don't Panic


Tomas: I’m just surprised you refer to this woman, Tea, as a friend, seeing as she’s married to your ex-husband. I haven’t lived here in a while, but that just seems kind of like an unusual relationship for an American.

Blair and Tomas run into each other at the Buenos Dias. He’s leaving for Paris in an hour, so they share flan in the meantime. Blair knows this goodbye is for real, so Tomas promises to eat slowly. He feeds Blair the first bite as he realizes that her “light from within” has returned. Blair thinks she has possibilities again. When Tomas reveals that he’s from Puerto Rico, Blair tells him about the Vega’s and Tea. Tea is married to Todd, and though they used to hate each other, they’re now friends thanks to her almost death and resurrection. Suddenly, Tomas must get to the airport. Blair asks for his last name, but he’s just “Tomas.” They share a wistful goodbye, and after he leaves, Blair discovers a new portrait of herself drawn on a napkin.

James admits to Starr that he helped Dani and Nate get away. He was thinking about Starr, but Starr is livid that he is romanticizing the situation. She nearly miscarried because of Todd’s reaction to a similar scenario. James sent Dani and Nate to Viki’s cabin because some people are destined for each other. Starr thinks life is far more complicated, but James believes in following one’s heart. Todd is a bully, which Starr understands all too well. She will do what she must.

Todd and Tea return home as Viki arrives, “looking for Tess.” Jessica suffered a breakdown following the revelations, and Todd laughs. Viki came to Todd because he’s protected Tess before, but Todd snipes at Viki to “find [her] own daughter.” Tea informs Viki of Dani’s disappearance and Viki is concerned, but Todd accuses her of not caring. Tea offers to search the house for Tess, but as Todd and Viki move into the living room, Tea takes a call from Dani.

Dani intends on teaching Todd a lesson. She will make him suffer until he accepts Dani’s relationship with Nate. Nate thinks she is being unfair to Tea, and he encourages Dani to call her mom. Dani does, begging Tea not to tell Todd she’s on the phone. Tea and Todd are worried sick and Tea doesn’t approve, but she trusts Dani, so she agrees to stay quiet temporarily.

Dani and Nate are alone in a romantic setting with protection; it’s time. Before things go too far, Starr and James arrive. Dani explains her plan, but Starr and James believe it will only convince Todd to kill Nate. Dani will use her and Todd’s lost time to her advantage. Starr sarcastically wishes her luck, explaining that Dani and Nate are “sitting ducks.” Starr is staying to do damage control, and James decides to follow suit. Dani and Nate are annoyed.

There’s no sign of Tess, so Viki thanks Tea and leaves. Tea asks Todd about previously helping Tess, and scoffs that he allowed Tess to lock up Natalie to protect his “bizarre relationship” with Marty. Todd is different now, so Tea asks “nuTodd” if he will allow consenting teenagers to be teenagers. Not a chance, so Tea keeps Dani’s secret. Tea insists the police are unnecessary, and Todd storms out, grousing about his and Tea’s different parenting styles. Later, a shocked Tea opens the door to Tomas. “Long time, no see.”

Ford answers a call from Langston. Langston tells him she knows Jessica is Tess, and Ford is surprised. Brody hijacks the call, explaining that Tess doesn’t care who she hurts. Ford accuses Brody of acting similarly, and Ford uses Jessica’s illness as a bargaining chip to gain access to Ryder. Disgusted, Brody impresses upon Ford that Tess is an attempted murderer and she needs psychiatric intervention.

Ford demands to speak to Langston. They profess their love, but Tess pours a pitcher of water over his head and the phone. Tess rips out the landline, but Ford vows to find another phone. “Marriage means something” to him and he’ll find another way to get Ryder. Tess feigns a return to Jessica, and Ford falls for it. Jessica’s family will believe the act as well, and Tess will tell them Ford kidnapped Jessica, and he will be no match for Clint’s wrath. A marriage will protect them both, so “Beauty and the Beast” leave for the chapel.

After the line goes dead, Langston freaks, but Brody allays her fears. He informs Langston that Ford will be safe as long as Tess needs him. They promise to keep each other updated. Viki returns to good news: Brody has a lead. Ford purchased tickets to Vegas, and Viki thinks that’s Tess’ style. Viki begs him to bring home Jessica; she will take care of Brody’s children. Brody calls Langston with the news, instructing her to stay and wait for word. To hell with that! Langston is going to Vegas.