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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny and Brenda are happy. Carly dances with Patrick, who’s pining for Robin. Nikolas tells Brook Lynn that he’s spoken to Laura about her. Michael introduces Abby to Edward, who wonders where they met. Molly drags Edward off to dance. Carly is happy that Abby is there. Morgan invites his mother to dance. Michael and Abby kiss.


Robin makes a speech to the happy couple. Molly, Kristina, Michael and Morgan toast their father/uncle and his new bride. Olivia and Steve discuss kids. Sonny tells his kids and Molly that he loves them and Brenda completes him.

Tracy wonders why Luke didn’t stop Dante or try to talk to Lulu, but Luke doesn’t mess with his kids and that he already told Lulu to accept Dante as is. Luke reminds Tracy that Interpol has cleared her, but she says it will be awhile before she lets him back in her bed.

Theo chastises Sam for not checking her car before getting in. She warns him that Jason will get him, but he tells her that Jason is currently being ambushed. Theo tells her that her resemblance to Brenda is why she’s here now. Jason can’t find Shawn.

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Lulu and Dante discuss their relationship. He says he never slept with Brenda, the baby wasn’t his and their are no more lies. She feels she can’t trust him and can’t erase all the lies. Lulu won’t be able to trust him, even though she loves him. Dante assures her that love will get them through this patch and that she’s looking for a reason to bail. Dante wants Lulu to meet him halfway, declares his love for her, but leaves and heads back to the reception.

Tracy tells Brook Lynn she’s leaving and wonders if she wants to leave with her. Brooke wants to stay since she’s having fun with Nikolas. Tracy’s not happy that both girls in her life are with men who don’t deserve them.

Abby congratulates BrenSon, and then Michael offers to walk her home. Robin rounds up the single women for the bouquet toss, including Alexis and Olivia, who balk at first, but eventually join in. Kristina catches the bouquet and shares a hug with her father and a dance with Ethan. Kristina thanks him for listening to her. He admits she’s special and she declares that she’ll marry him someday.

Luke offers Brenda his congratulations and jokingly tells her to call him if things fall through. BrenSon cut the cake and then get ready to leave. Alexis and Jax head to the Metro Court for a drink. Michael and Abby talk about how happy they are to have found each other.

Jason gets back to the penthouse to get Spinelli to try and find Shawn and Theo. Carly finds Shawn, bleeding in the street. He holds a gun to her and she takes him home to try and help him. Carly tells Shawn he needs a doctor, but she tries to help his wound, while using her phone to call Jason. Carly assures Shawn that she won’t turn him in and to trust him, just as Jason arrives, guns blazing. See Sam, that’s how it’s done.

The guests throw rose petals, as BrenSon leave. Mabby share a kiss. Jaxis share some champagne. Brenda gets in the car. Sonny turns back for a last word from Luke and a hug to his kids. He turns to walk toward the car and suddenly, it blows up!