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One Life to Live Recap: Eat It

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Blair: You met Natalie Buchanan? What do you think you’re going to do, go over there and say, “Oh, Natalie, I just came here to tell you that I’m so sorry I got drunk and had sex with your man”? She’s gonna drop-kick your ass to the next county, then kill you!

Kelly is terribly hungover, and Blair thinks she’s needs a miracle to recover. Kelly confides in Blair that Joey got married. Clint slipped her damning footage of Cutter and Aubrey, but they switched the file, and now Joey thinks Kelly was aligned with Clint. Kelly then did something stupid, and Blair knows sex is a factor. Her bedmate wasn’t Cutter, it was John.

Joey arrives at Llanfair, asking about Charlie and Jessica. He and Natalie talk about how she messed up, and he offers her comfort food. Natalie found John with another woman; not just “some bimbo,” but that “home-wrecking bitch,” Kelly. Natalie details what she walked in on, and she’s heartbroken that John acted “like he never loved Liam.”

Blair rants about Kelly always going after Blair’s leftovers. When Blair calls Kelly desperate and insists John’s only motivation was revenge, Kelly accuses Blair of being jealous because Blair is without a man. That’s not entirely true. Kelly thinks Blair is involved with Cristian, but even though he’s “hot,” Blair is not. She tells Kelly about the “beautiful” Tomas, and Kelly blasts Blair for “letting him walk out without a fight.” Blair thinks even some great things aren’t meant to last.

Kelly feels terribly about hurting Natalie and wants to apologize, but Blair thinks that’s a bad idea. Kelly writes a note, but they agree that it’s awful. Kelly begs for the pie Blair bought at the diner.

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Nat asks what Joey did to upset Kelly. He married Aubrey and he claims to be happy with her, so Nat wonders why he cares who Kelly sleeps with. He doesn’t, but he wants to “strangle her” for working with Clint. Joey thinks Kelly regrets sleeping with John, but Natalie believes she went after him. They lose their appetites, and Nat checks on Liam as Joey cleans up. Kelly delivers the pie for Natalie, but Joey busts her before she can leave.

Tomas asks for a hug from Tea, but she slaps him instead. He calls her by a pet name, but he lost the right to use it when he walked away. Tomas reveals their connection: they’re siblings, but Tea doesn’t know him anymore. He broke their father’s heart, running away to Europe after being given everything, and he wasn’t there for the funeral. Tomas didn’t know until it was too late.

He asks about Tea’s life, but she refuses to enlighten him. When he says that he came to Llanview to see a friend, Tea is upset that Tomas is only visiting her by “accident.” She orders him out, but he believes they still share their close connection. Despite lost years, Tomas still loves Tea, and he requests a chance to start over.

Dorian drops by Llanfair eager to tell Viki that Echo has been lying about everything, but Viki’s demeanor concerns Dorian. In tears, Viki confides that Jessica has split into Tess. Dorian offers sympathy, and in asking for discretion, Viki realizes Dorian is the first person she’s told. Charlie, devastated by the Rex news, was called into work and remains unaware. As Viki takes a call from Jessica’s doctor, Dorian peruses pictures and sees Charlie wearing the watch.

Armed with proof, Dorian has to tell Viki something. Viki “can’t take anymore,” so Dorian bites her tongue. Dorian obliquely says she hates seeing Viki treated “shabbily,” but Viki isn’t the injured party. Dorian encourages Viki to take care of her family.

Echo bangs on John’s motel room door until he throws it open, annoyed. She calls him a “big jackass” and turns off his blasting television herself. She knows why Jessica didn’t get married, but what’s John’s excuse? John screams that Liam is not his son. Echo believes his anger is justified, but he can’t bottle up his feelings. She encourages him to unload on her, if only for her own self-preservation. If he keeps wallowing, the volume of his television will drive her crazy.

John tells his story, amazed that he’s talked so much. Echo doesn’t blame him for being upset, but she guarantees if he doesn’t change his tune, he’ll rack up many regrets. She speaks from experience, as she’s now a “washed up drunk trying to make up for lost time.” Echo points out that despite his protestations, John is a father, and he and Natalie share a genuine love that gives them “something to build on.” John puts down his whiskey. Later, a surprised Natalie opens the front door to John.

Dorian calls Echo. She has proof regarding Charlie’s watch, and she orders Echo to steer clear of Viki; she “has enough on her plate.”