General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Giant kudos to Kimberly McCullough and Ingo Rademacher today!


The car explodes, presumably with Brenda inside,  and no one standing there is hit with flaming sharp metal projectiles. Okay, I'll let that one go. Luke and Dante pull Sonny away. Ethan drags the girls and Morgan back into the Pavilion. Patrick shields Robin. Kristina blames her father, but Morgan defends him. Molly wonders what Brenda felt on impact. Ethan takes them home and my love for all things Ethan grows by leaps and bounds.

Carly tells Jason not to shoot Shawn, but Jason lets her know whom Shawn’s been working for and his job to grab Brenda. Luke calls Jason and tells him what happened. Jason heads over there, and leaves Carly in charge of a bleeding Shawn. Shawn insists he didn’t sign up for murder, even though Carly feels he’s now just a gun for hire. Shawn talks a good game, which lowers Carly’s instincts and when she’s distracted, he grabs the gun from her. Come on Carly, that’s not a Carly move.

Michael and Abby are happy about their kiss, until they hear the sirens and realize it’s coming from the Pavilion. The quickly head back. Robin wants to get Brenda out, but Patrick drags her back into the Pavilion to try and calm her down.

Robin blames herself, saying if she hadn’t meddled, Brenda would still be alive. Patrick reminds her that Brenda chose to marry Sonny, knowing what he does for a living. Robin admits she pushed them together because it’s what Stone would have wanted and now she’s lost her best friend.

Alexis and Jax commiserate their lot in life. Jax wonders why he didn’t learn from his mistakes, since he’s now lost both Brenda and Carly. He knows that Brenda’s heart has always belonged to Sonny, but wonders why Sonny doesn’t acknowledge the danger he poses to her.

Lulu returns. Sonny blames the limo driver. Jason arrives and tells Sonny about Theo being the Balkan. A fireman says he’ll need the Jaws of Life to get the body out of the car. Jason asks Luke to take Sonny home, but when Luke offers, Sonny doesn’t want to leave. Dante tells Lulu that people close to Sonny always pay the price. Michael tells Abby she can leave, but he wants to stay and help catch whoever is responsible. She hopes he’s not looking for revenge.

At home, Molly researches surviving car bombs to distract herself. Kristina calls Alexis and gives her the news. Alexis tells Jax and both head back to the reception. Ethan asks for a deck of cards, so he can distract the kids with a round of poker. Ethan comforts the kids as best he can.

Alexis and Jax arrive at the scene and Jax goes off on Sonny.

Jax: You never learn. Brenda's dead because of you!

Sonny: Don't you think I know that!

Jax: Then fix it. Take out your gun, and shoot yourself in the head! Do the noble thing for once and be with Brenda forever. How many more people have to die?

Edward shows up in his pajamas, claiming he knew no good would come of Brenda marrying Sonny. He tells Abby and Michael not to waste their lives. Patrick wants to take Robin home, but she wants to be there when they take out the body. Patrick doesn't want that to be her last memory of Brenda, but she insists on staying for Sonny, who will blame himself and Brenda wouldn't want that. Robin hugs Sonny, who says he should have left Brenda at the altar to protect her.

Alexis heads back home, hugs her girls and offers support to Morgan. Molly tells them about Theo being the Balkan.

Jason wonders why Theo picked now to kill Brenda, when he could have done it many times before. Luke points out that Theo knew this would cause the maximum damage. Jason gets a call from Franco, who claims they'll be together soon and hopes Jason liked the fireworks.

The firemen pull the body out and Sonny insists on seeing it, pulls back the cover to find….dun dun dun, Samantha McCall.

Now, I call baloney on those shenanigans!! Not only is Theo a European crime lord and a New York attorney, but now he's also Houdini. He got Brenda out of the car AND put Sam in the car, without anyone noticing. Then, blew up the car badly enough for the jaws of life to be needed, but all Sam has is a teeny tiny little boo-boo on the side of her head. A car exploded with her in it...or was Sam never in the car? Could it be that Theo is one of the firefighters working on the car, and he tossed her body on the gurney after the fact? So many options...