One Life to Live Spoilers: Tess and Ford Get Married!


A marriage, a confession and a threat turn things upside down in Llanview. Don't forget that Wendy Williams guest-stars on One Life to Live this week as "Access Llanview's" host, Phyllis Rose on Wednesday, March 2. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of February 28.


Brody/Langston/Tess/Ford: Brody and Langston will be too late to stop Tess and Ford's wedding. Brody is going to make up reasons to arrest Ford and Tess. The four arrive at the Llanview airport and Brody will try to arrest Ford a second time. However, Tess will call Brody on his obvious bluff. They will start to argue, but Viki, Clint and Dr. Levin show up to cart Tess off to St. Ann's for treatment. However, Tess is going to outsmart them once again, because only her husband can have her committed, so she's free for the time being.

Later on, Ford will grow tired of Tess dragging her feet in getting Ryder. Tess will let Ford know that she's got everything ready to roll and leaves to get things moving. Viki is going to show up to talk some sense into Ford. However, Ford tells her that Clint's actions forced him to side with Tess and he only wants rights to his son. Meanwhile, Tess will go to Foxy Roxy's, while Roxy is trying to help Natalie get John back. Tess is quickly going to realize that Natalie and Roxy don't know she's not Jessica, and uses that to her advantage to get to Ryder. However, after a while, Natalie will figure out that Tess is back. How will Natalie weasel her way away from Tess?

James and Starr will get everything out in the open. After, Starr is going to try to get Dani to go home and settle things with Todd. Dani will refuse and their conversation will turn to James. Starr will confess to Dani what happened with her and James the previous night. Meanwhile, James will be trying to get Nate to call a truce with Todd. Nate gives James reasons why he won't do that, and will proceed to tell James about his previous night with Dani. What happened between the two couples?

Tomas/Tea/Todd/Blair: Tomas will plead with Tea to leave Todd immediately. Tea won't leave Todd and will head out to find Dani. Todd is going to show up at La Boulaie and order Blair to find out from Tea Dani's location. Blair will learn that Tomas is Tea's brother. When his plan with Blair doesn't work, Todd will go to Inez. Todd threatens Inez and out of fear, Inez will tell Todd where Nate and Dani are hiding.

Todd is going to pop up at Viki's cabin and will go ballistic on the children. Tea will arrive at the cabin just in time to stop Todd from making the same mistake twice. Tea will put herself between Todd and the children. Tea is going to order the kids to leave and have it out with Todd. Tea will tell Todd that if he even thinks about following the children, she will leave Llanview and take Dani with her. Will Todd heed Tea's threat?

Aubrey/Cutter: Aubrey and Cutter will take their plan to get the Buchanan money to another level. Aubrey will take the perfect moment to bring up that she and Joey move into Asa's mansion with Clint. Will Aubrey weasel her way into the mansion and subsequently the Buchanan fortune?

Joey will not be able to handle seeing John and Kelly being close and will sucker punch John. Kelly will tell Joey a piece of her mind and leave with John. John and Kelly are going to decide exactly what they are to one another. The two will end up kissing and back in bed. Later, Roxy will barge into John's room and catch Kelly in his bed. Roxy is going to be livid at Kelly. Roxy will plead Natalie's case to John and why they should get back together.

John will leave to visit Marty at St. Ann's. John is going to fill in Marty on everything she missed since she escaped. He will also apologize to her for not believing her claims and for Natalie's actions. Marty will be happy that everything worked out in her favor and makes a strange comment about John losing his son. Will John look into Marty's cryptic comment?

Dorian will inform Echo that she knows that Echo slept with Charlie. Dorian will let Echo know that she didn't tell Viki yet, because of all the Jess/Tess drama weighing on her. However, Dorian will be quick to tell Echo that doesn’t mean she will never tell Viki. A little later, Echo will go Llanfair and tell Viki she has something to tell her. Meanwhile, Dorian will have a moment about David. Cutter is going to console Dorian about David. Cutter will see the torn up picture of David and will con Dorian into spilling her guts about her relationship with David. Dorian is going to confess that she still loves David. Will Echo tell Viki the truth about her night with Charlie?

Rex/Bo/Clint/David: Rex is going to tell Gigi everything he knows about Clint having David imprisoned in Morocco. Gigi will understand why he kept everything a secret and encourages Rex to tell Bo as soon as possible. Rex will set up a meeting with Bo to spill his guts. Before this happens, Bo with Nora and Tea will be floored when they learn Clint will not go to jail because Vimal takes full credit for switching the DNA tests. Phyllis Rose's, aka Wendy Williams, show "Access Llanview" debuts and will discuss the newfound news in Clint's case. Nigel will receive the good news about Clint from the show. While Bo goes to meet with Rex, Nora will find Matthew in Clint's office. She is going to break the news to him that Clint is suspected of murder.

Meanwhile, Rex will be confessing to Bo his knowledge of Clint locking up David in the Moroccan prison. Bo will be extremely disappointed and upset with Rex. Bo is going to leave to rescue David, refusing Rex's help. Gigi will console Rex after his confession to Bo. Gigi will urge Rex to find a way to make things right with Bo. Bo will run into Nora on his way out and tell her what just happened. Bo will still be very hurt by Rex's actions. Nora is going to tell Bo to worry about it when he gets home, because he has to find David. Can Bo find it in his heart to forgive Rex?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (March 7):

  • Todd confesses that he's afraid of losing the people he loves.
  • Joey breaks into Clint's safe.
  • Dorian and Cutter kiss.
  • John fires Gigi.
  • Tomas asks Blair out.
  • Todd and John are shot at outside of Rodi's.
  • Bo and Rex look for Rex in Morocco.