One Life to Live's Erika Slezak Celebrates 40 Years in Llanview March 17


March 17 marks Erika Slezak's 40th anniversary at One Life to Live. TV Guide’sMichael Logan caught up with the Emmy winning actress to talk about her notable career.

TV Guide Magazine: Despite Viki's nine marriages, we don't think of her as an emotional fruitcake — like we do, say, with Erika Kane — or that Viki is disastrously unlucky in love. If, anything she's been a sensational partner.

Slezak: She's been very lucky in love, I think because she always marries for love. Well, except when she married Steve Burke. But other than that, she always goes into marriage with the very best of intentions. And with very real intentions. She's truly loved her men. Also, don't forget her marriage tally is high because a bunch of her husbands have died — Joe [Lee Patterson], Sloan [Roy Thinnes], Ben [Mark Derwin]. The only one she divorced over and over was Clint [Clint Ritchie].

Tune in to One Life to Live on April 26 when the show pays tribute to Slezak with a special episode.